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Further Thoughts on Beauty and the Beast 2017
Hello Everyone! ( Be sure to read my first post on Beauty and the Beast first ) Today I thought I’d take a break from my more in depth writing for future posts
to go back to my thoughts on 2017   Beauty
and the Beast . I know exactly how I feel about the fi...

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The White Princess Roundup
I have been struggling with the idea of writing this for
almost two months now, almost to the point that I was glad when my computer
broke in early May and I had a little more time to gather my thoughts on many
things. The White Princess ended up being ever...

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Feminist Folly ~ Beauty and the Buzzwords
Hello Everyone! So, I know it’s been a
while and for that I apologize. I’ve been going through an immense amount of
personal and mental growth in the months since my last blog post, and I
recently had a very shocking experience (I am safe, but it was a bit ...

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Feminist Folly ~ What’s Wrong with The White Princess
Everyone! Oh Lord,
this is going to be a long one; so much so that I fear I won’t be able to fully
make my point in one post. This post has been long and coming, since 2014
honestly. And as the years have gone by I have added more to this rant and put...

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How Far I’ll Go
Everyone! As of late
the news has been more depressing than usual. With the weather being cold, wet
and rainy all over the DMV since the inauguration, it’s as though Heaven is
angry as well. I’m trying not to become too depressed though, so here is a

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Armageddon of Hypocrisy
I know it’s
not the best title but I didn’t actually plan to post anything today. This is
more like a long ass rant than anything else. Humor me please. I have many
issues with modern day activism; but namely that for every one reasonable,
rational, level h...

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I’m a Freak and I Don’t Care
Hello Everyone! That may seem like an odd title for a post but I couldn’t
really think of another, and honestly I think it fits the theme perfectly. Back last year when I was preparing to return to blogging I
was trying to figure out what general theme my b...

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I’m Back!
Hello Everyone! Happy New
Year! After nearly a year away, I
am back to writing. As you can see I’ve made quite afew changes to the look and
layout of this blog; a small part of a larger set of changes I’ve been going
through for the last 3 months. I ended u...

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Hello Everyone Just a warning, this is going to be a long post. It’s filled
with thoughts and feelings that have been filling up my mind for years that
only now (and due to a recent drastic turn of events in my life) do I feel safe
writing about. Also I wan...

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New Year and Travel Inspiration
Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! Well, 2015 is over and we are nearly three weeks now into
2016. As of late I’ve been doing a lot of reflection of the previous year and
making goals for this one. Though it began rather disastrously and continued as
such w...
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