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#HEMP: The Most Nutritionally Complete #Food in the World.
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The Military Industrial Complex in action.
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CIA is MOSSAD, ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, YouTube a BOOKNOTES CSPAN episode where this is discussed with Brian Lamb
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Wells Fargo will close more than 400 of its branches by the end of 2018, the latest apparent fallout from the bank's fake account scandal.
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Good, I hate Wells Fargo. A Rothschild Central Bank.
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His Congressional efforts alone speak volumes.
# Race Bait
by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News Congresman John Lewis of Georgia is boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump because he claims his presidency is “illegitimate,” but he’s taking rhetorical incoming from a woman who calls herself the “Conservative Black Chick.” Crystal Wright told Fox Busine
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he has done nothing for the poor blacks except take there money.
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Alas, the history of distracting the masses.... merely repeating itself. 💔
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The cat felt it coming.. :/
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Supposedly dogs and groundhogs also know that something is coming just before it happens.
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Vladimir Putin has issued a strongly worded "urgent" warning to Donald Trump, telling the President-elect that the CIA is planning a violent coup against him.
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+Jerry Mael this is the real deal...




3. ISRAEL DID 911>



0. Gatekeepers & Controlled Opposition 911 >

-1. ZERO >

MUST SHARE: "Barbarians INSIDE the Gates"


PLEASE NOTE: Any attempt to show sympathy for JESUIT Crypto-JEW HITLER is simply wrong & a waste of y/our precious time, he clearly was part of a much bigger JEWISH PSYOP only now coming clearly into view, due to the incomparable integrative revelatory powers of the Internet!, Thank JESUS!!

NAZISM's "Jewish" Supremacist ROOTS:

THOROUGH PROOF HITLER WAS A JEW: Final Solution to Hitler:


Shabbetai Tzvi, The Satanic Jewish Messiah of 1666:

Sabbatai Sevi, the Zohar and Usury:

USURY: Root of All Evil:


THOROUGH PROOF HITLER WAS A JEW: Final Solution to Hitler:


JFK was a Great Man, our Greatest President ever, & was CATHOLIC!




So what happened on 9 11?

An Israeli False Flag Operation is what happened.

1. The Project for a New American Century was written in Israel in 1996 under the name - A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.
Requires a new Pearl Harbor for their plan.

2. Zionist Jew Silverstein purchased WTC 6 weeks prior. First time the WTC was ever put into Private Hands. Friends with Israeli Prime Ministers & Intelligence Services, along with Fed Reserve President & World Bank Presidents.

3. Zionist Jew Frank Lowy paid $127 million in May 2001 for a 99-year lease on the retail area beneath the New York World Trade Center. Member of the Golani Brigade & fought in the Israeli war of independence.

4. Zionist Jew Ronald S. Lauder was key individual who lobbied for the privatization of the WTC and the former Air Cadet base at Stewart, N.Y where two of the planes oddly converged and where the Boeing military drones were switched . Lauder has funded a school for the Mossad in Herzliya, Israel.

5. Airline Security Company at BOTH the Boston & Newark airports on 9-11 was a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Israeli company (ICTS). Most employees were ex- Shin Bet agents.

6. Security at the WTC was run by Kroll Associates, owned by Jules Kroll & Jerome Hauer (BOTH Jews). Hauers mother involved in the creation & maintenance of the State of Israel.

7. Zionist Jew Philip Zelikow (Jewish Dual Citizen of Israel) wrote the fraudulent 9 11 Commission Report.

8. Zionist Jew, Richard Perle, Chairman of Pentagons Defense Policy Board, was expelled from Sen. Henry Jacksons office in the 1970s after NSA caught him passing highly classified documents to Israel.

9. Dual Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff was assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the Justice Department; later, Director of Homeland Security.

10. Israeli messaging service Odigo sent AT LEAST 2 Israelis prior warnings on 9 11, 2 hours prior to attack. Odigo has offices in New York & in Herzliya, Israel. Herzliya happens to be the Head Quarters of Mossad.

11. Zionist Jew Pete Zalewski was the air traffic controller responsible for 2 of the planes on 911 & another plane full of top Pakistani military officials whose plane (Egyptian Fl990) crashed 2 years prior to 911.

12. Israeli Mossad Jews caught & arrested filming & celebrating WTC prior to & after 1st plane hits WTC. Jumping up & down, lighting lighters & holding them up in air.

13. Ted Olsen's wife supposedly placed an impossible cell phone call from on the plane during 9 11, Ted Olsen was Israeli Spy Jonathon Pollard's attorney.

14. Israeli Mossad Jews caught with explosives near George Washington Bridge on 9 11.

15. Zionist Jew Alan D. Ratners Metals Management merged with the SIMS group & the Hugo Neu Corporation & sold over 50,000 tons of crime scene evidence.

16. Over 60 Israeli spies arrested on 9 11 & days afterwards.

17. Zionist Jew Adam Pearlman is the AlQaeda spokesman. Lived with grandfather prior to joining AlQaeda, grandfather on board of ADL & huge Israeli supporter. His father helped run the Hippie Movement in SoCal then moved family to run a Kosher farm.

18. S.I.T.E. website releases AlQaeda tapes but is owned by an Iraqi Jew who was in Israeli IDF. Her father was an Iraqi Jew & was sentenced to hanging after being caught SPYING FOR ISRAEL in the 1967 war.

19. Zionist Jew Dov Zakheim was CEO of SPC International which developed Remote Control Flying Technology & leases Boeing 767 refuel tankers, the same planes used on 9 11. He also authored PNAC & was Comptroller of Pentagon when $2.3 Trillion went missing.

20. According to FBI, in the Year 2000 Israeli Mossad had penetrated secret communications throughout the Clinton administration, even Presidential phone lines.

21. After 9 11 Israeli Prime Minister Sharon said: We Jews own America & the Americans know it.

22. Popular Mechanics so-called (Debunking 9 11 Lies) article had as its senior researcher Benjamin Chertoff, the cousin of Dept of Homeland Security Head Michael Chertoff at the time, Israeli dual citizen.

23. Israeli Mossad pretends to be Al Qaeda in Palestine but is caught by the Palestinian Authority in 2002.

24. October 10, 2001 (2) Israelis arrested inside Mexican Congress building with explosives, detonators & guns.

25. November 2, 2001: FBI Fury As Israeli citizens With US Nuke Plans & Valid Israeli Passports Escape custody.

26. Israeli citizen Philip Zelikow led the 9 11 Commission Report.

27. US Army released on 10 Sept 2001 a study on Israel, which said: Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS Army Officers say: Wildcard. Ruthless & cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces & make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.

28. Israeli Mossad Motto: "By way of Deception, thou shalt do war." (Motto Removed prior to 9 11).

29. Bin Laden constantly denied committing 9 11, until 4 days before the 2004 election. Video considered fake.

30. Ehud Barak, the prime minister of Israel until March of 2001, came to the U.S. shortly after leaving office. He came, ostensibly, to work as a special advisor for Electronic Data Systems and as a consultant with SCP Partners, a Mossad-run private equity company focused on "security related" work. SCP Partners did business with Metallurg Holding, Inc., as well as Advanced Metallurgical Group, both sharing the same Wayne, PA address. AMG specializes in the production of the same super-thermite used to collapse the three skyscrapers on 9/11.



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Everything Tom did for us was tops and that little shop really is an epic hit. The deal we got was so special I should only hint at it. :D
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June 2016 (we live 45 miles from KC). Alignment went well. The balance/rotate on new tires was horrible. Had no time before our 3400 mile trek to correct the issue. The speed limit in Utah is 80 mph and we could not even cruise at 70 for very long. I did not do it any earlier because I knew we would go many miles.
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One star due to it being close. Was kicked out for jumping on my skis by some gomer, 70-year-old ski patroller.... for: Jumping on my skis yet EVERY TV commercial shows people jumping and having fun in Weston. They can lick my backside as I just go to Colorado two times a year, now. I have never had a collision in 35 years of skiing (less the two collisions from behind at Snow Creek with power noobs on a crowded slope). I agree with many others that the price is very steep for what they offer. Try some the resort rating websites if you do not believe me. You can ski all day in Loveland, CO for less than a snow creek lift ticket costs. That said.. Snow Creek is perfect for 'most' bible belters which really have no idea what skiing on a mountain really is supposed to be like. This place is DANGEROUS for any level of skier due to the overwhelming amount of novice skiers
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Good Note 3, OEM battery shipped fast.
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Really great doctor BUT the receptionist is a real zero so the experience was drug down very heavily by her since paying attention to customer service is not in her repertoire or skillset. I told her on the phone three times that I needed to schedule a follow up with my Oral Surgeon so I can move onto getting fitted for dentures. Pretty straight forward (if she had not wanted to ask why). When she again asked me what I wanted... I got mad, she got defensive and put me on hold. I hung and and will not return. Prior to the previous visit, she told me that they do not write work excuses and when I got into the dentist's chair, the doctor told me that is ridiculous and wrote me one. Reason for going: The general dentist had broken my jaw, two teeth and caused communication between my mouth and sinus cavity. My only choice now is to seek mitigation on the general dentist or forget about it and find new doctors. I had to drive an hour each way to use this one and she is just not worth dealing with to get to the rest of their services.
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