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Eclipse 2017
Madras, OR is the rave.. but here in the Midwest we will get nearly 40 seconds more totality which will make the plasma snapping enthusiasts very happy.

An epic example of plasma flares which will be visible
Data on safety eye wear
The website has many nice things such as a very robust Exposure Calculator.

CAUTION: It is never safe to look at a partial or annular eclipse, or the partial phases of a total solar eclipse, without the proper equipment and techniques!!!
In spite of these precautions, the total phase of an eclipse can and should be viewed without any filters whatsoever. The naked eye view of totality is not only completely safe, it is truly and overwhelmingly awe-inspiring!

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2 watts
Up to 5 miles in the wilderness. Sold in pairs: ~150 usd

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CL post indicated:
"Sustainable off grid community land"
Okay. Sounds plausible.
I read on:
"The Wild Cooperative is welcoming 2-3 diverse families to become a part of our egalitarian community to share knowledge, skills, love and creativity."
<Brakes screeching>

I immediately think of Portlandia - The Farm EP

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I only needed reminded. :D

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Another Milky Monday from Long Lake just below Bishop Pass. I was watching this lake start to freeze over right before my eyes back on 4th of July weekend when we were out there. It was totally frozen over in the morning, but I did get a little reflection in the water. The moon was just less than a quarter moon and it was just setting, so it made for some kick ass shadows on the mountains.

#landscapephotography #picture #milkyway #nightphotography #mountains #photography #sierras #astrophotography

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