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Gauge Chart - Sheet Metal Thickness Chart
I just added a great tool for when you can't find the decimal thickness of a certain sheet gauge. Check it out! Have a great day.
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Metal Weight Calculator - by Michlin Metals
So we've ( +Confluent Forms LLC and I) been developing a metal weight calculator that takes the typical calculations a step further and allows the user to store them individually and then submit them as a group to our RFQ (Request for Quote) page.

Not only can you submit RFQ's off this but it's also responsive so fully accessible no matter what device you're on! Have a great day and enjoy your week. Please let us know what you think!

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THIS! We got a new site. See below for all the details! Check it out. 
Michlin Metals Has a New Responsive Website
It's been many months in the making but +David Kutcher of +Confluent Forms LLC has completed the new website for +Michlin Metals Inc.

One of the most important things I felt necessary to complete (in this now 3rd iteration of the site in 4 years) was to make it responsive. Although only 10% of my visitors come from a mobile device, this is not a demographic I choose to ignore. 

As the steel industry morphs from a predominantly older male based group to that of a younger aged group, mobile will become increasingly important. Thus we elected to take the responsive strategy. 

Comparing the old site to the new one, I am truly amazed at how well the old site was doing when I compare it to the new site, and how much better aesthetically the new site looks.

It looks nicer on the outside, and, it's driven by a database which doesn't force me to have to create each page by hand. I now have the ability to make changes and add pages in a simple way. Just fill out a template and hit publish. BAM! New metal added. Easy as that.

Not to mention I expect the user, for whom I truly designed this site, to get their information in a much easier way. There's no fluff or extraneous stuff here. We have a home page, our grade (product) pages and an about us page which also has our certifications. 

That's it...easy to navigate and I anticipate the visitors will now have a much easier time submitting inquires which is the goal, to convert as many visitors as possible into inquires. 

David has also helped set up our +Google Analytics and created some goals for us. This is where he really shines b/c for a typical person with a day job they do not have the time let alone the knowledge to get the most out of that unbelievable tool.

I can now track goals and events as they occur in real time, which pages are generating them and from where they are coming, it's going to be a big boost to Michlin's ability to get as much as we can from our site. 

In case you are thinking, well how good is he really? Well Google Analytics just shared his post yesterday about annotations, which prior to him, I had no idea even existed. 

So, take a moment if you can, look over the site and leave some feedback below. I am making a couple organizational changes to further simplify the user experience when looking for the metal needed but besides those, aesthetically, the site is up and running and I am extremely pleased. Thank you David.

Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to check out the new site. 

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Now who says metals aren't interesting!?!?
This is amazing, see in this video how a new grade of metal actually causes water to bounce off it! BOUNCE! Not just slide or roll but actually bounce off it.
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Now this isn't so great...
German Steel Mill was hacked and a blast furnace couldn't be shut down...thanks +Jefferson Martin, appreciate the share. 
#Metal   #Hack   #Steel  

Always Looking for Great People
Still looking for quality individuals to fill positions in the suburbs of Chicago and if you're interested please find out more on

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How will advanced manufacturing change the way we do business?
Here's an interesting read on how +Rolls-Royce Motor Cars uses some pretty advanced manufacturing concepts to create new innovations. Thanks for the share +Jefferson Martin. 

Michlin Metals is Now an Official FAA Approved Supplier
That's it.  Hopefully we'll get updated asap with that info! Have a great day everyone. 
#FAA   #federalaviationadministration   #mfg   #AS9120   #WOSB  

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Just Heard Something Awesome...
Boeing mandated that all suppliers of metal, contractors, sub-contractors who work w/metal and supply them finished parts must either be AS 9120 certified or purchase their metal from a certified AS 9120 source...and guess who spent 8 months getting AS 9120 certified in 2013? 

Wait for it....

MICHLIN METALS!!!! This is fantastic news...hopefully other OEM's follow suit but this really opens up doors for a little company like ours...Have a great weekend everyone and for more info about Michlin check

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How to Bridge the Skills Gap
Trade Schools, Active engagement from the employer in the vocational community and more participation from universities recognizing the need for on the job training. Anyone can jock a desk but true skilled labor takes real practice. H/t +O'Neil Godfrey for the share. 
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