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Day 91: Shanghai Tang coin purse
I am constantly shopping, which means when I travel I shop. There is nothing more perfect that finding something when you are abroad that is not only beautiful, but functional and one of a kind. It's like you can imagine someone asking you where you got tha...

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Day 22: Layering chains
I know, I know, this trend has been around for a while. But I can't help but love this new combination of chains I've put together! Let me rewind. My mom drilled into my head that a girl/lady/woman should always wear a necklace.   And you know how the thing...

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Day 158: Jamie Oliver's Steak and Chips
I tend to watch a lot of cooking shows while I'm traveling. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe because I don't get the Food network at home, nor do I have time to watch it! But I've stumbled across some of my favorite recipes from celebrity chefs while channel...

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Day 20: New workout clothes for a New You!
So I have a confession to make. It is Day 20 of the new year and I still haven't been to the gym yet. This very unlike me! I usually hit the gym really hard the beginning of the year, and it counteracts all the poor food decisions of the previous month. May...

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Day 17: Doing something for you and yours - Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies
This week started off on a tired note. After coming back from a two week trip that had eight flights, six hotels, one cruise, and two kids, we were beyond exhausted. As I passed by the flower shop on the way home from picking my little one up from school we...

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Day 351: Lotion on the go!
With winter and dry weather fast approaching, keeping your skin well hydrated is important. And nothing takes more damage than your hands. I've gotten into the habit of tossing one tube of L'Occitane hand cream into all my bags. It is part of my on flight c...

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Day 297: Hot journals
I am obsessed with journals. I don't know what attracts me to them. Maybe because a new one is like a blank canvas, the endless white untouched pages just waiting to be used. I collect them, and have them in all shapes in sizes. Hard covers, soft covers. Li...

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Day 210: Vintage that never gets old
Something about fall, and the back to school sales makes me want to get a new pair of sneakers. Though my school days are long gone, I get tempted every decade or so by one of my school time favorites. These Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline kicks were on sal...

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Day 3: The key to Tiffany's
Though Christmas may have past, the warmth of the holidays still lingers on. As does the glitter of it as so many towns and business every year seem to lengthen the holiday season into the new year. I myself am still drawn to this seasons offerings from Tif...

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Day 245: You do you
Happy September! With Fall right at our fingertips, it's a great time to take inventory of your wardrobe. I'm someone who doesn't follow trends, though I like to window shop and gather ideas from my favorite fashion magazines. I came across this in the late...
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