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Hi guys!

I have been a Linux user for years and using Solus on my laptop for a few months now and love it!

I was wondering if there was a way to incorporate a setting into the Os that would help me and many others out. I'm yet to find anything open source that lets me do it on Linux. Please of you know of anything let me know.

I'm 32 years old and have Dislexia. And while I have learned to deal with most of the problems it brings, I also have something called Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome which is something I can't learn to deal with. Essentially, It's a perceptual processing disorder. It is not an optical problem. It is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. Reading black text on white background can not be processed by the brain properly causing all sorts of reading issues.

Head here here if you are interested:

What helps me when reading physical books, is the ability to use a coloured overlay lense that makes the background behind the text red. Others find blue or green or yellow of varying strength best works for them.

On Windows, you can get software that creates an overlay of colour on the screen as needed but it is proprietary and in some cases expensive. Also on Android you can get apps that do exactly the above. I.e:

It would be awesome if you could include something like this as a setting with a toggle, or if someone in the community could throw something together that can be installed? (I understand it's not as easy as "throwing something together" obviously) It would help a lot of people and could even be a draw for users.

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Thanks +Matthew D. Scholefield​ I'll take a look into it.
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!!WARNING!! Real life post mortem showing just how obesity destroys you from the inside! It is both graphic and super interesting, so suck it up and watch it anyway!!

I have always had a natural curioulsity and being in the process of forming better habits in the persute of a healthier existance, I just had to take the time to watch this.

Suprisingly, the fact that I was watching a real post mortem on a real dead body, did not bother me at all. In fact actually seeing how junk food and inactivity actually destroys you on the inside was both gripping and somewhat motivational.

Knowing that two to three years ago, this is what i was doing to my body is terrifying, and I'm glad I started to make a change.

Also, obesity induced heart failure is fucking savage!

On a side note, body shaming is is a horrible thing and forces BOTH women and men into a spiral of negative body image leading to low self esteem, depression, eating disorders and suicide. IT IS ABUSE! But we also need to make people, (especially the young) aware that being overwieght is NOT OK, that accepting obesity under the veil if "Big is beautiful" is just as dangerous as the stick thin females and ultra chissled and muscular males, that are presented by the media as the ideal body. This video shows just how terminal obesity can be.

#weightloss #fitness #nsfw #obesity #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
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Chris Goodman (Phoenix560)

Screenshots / Setups / Wallpapers  - 
New Android 7 update done! Nice and clean!

Wallpaper can be found here:
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I have been running for a few years now and had to take some time off because of shin splints, lower back, Plantar Facia and hip problems. The break got me into cycling so I can't complain too much.

My love has always been running though (ex military, and long distance runner before serious injury) and I started to miss it. Especially when I'm being invited to 5k's and triathlons. I tried to get back into running. I tried various different trainers and even a gait analysis, and physio, and then another gait analysis, numerous shoes and after slowly increasing my mileage, I'd get to 3k and the shins would start singing again, followed by the back and then the hip pain. Every single time!

A month ago I decided to have one last ditched attempt at getting back into running before unhappily giving up for good. I found a YouTube video about Barefoot running and decided to give it a go. What did I have to loose?

With a few laps around the local park, it felt amazing! After a few hundred metres my legs opens up, my posture shifted and I was flying! I did not want to stop! I'm a sucker for doing my research, so of course I understood that I needed to take it easy. So I walked home. No pain, no achiness, no feeling like I'd been hit by a bus! Awesome!

A few days later and my very first Vibrams, the Seeya LS Night, were delivered, and I was like a kid at Christmas!

Since then I have been slowly easing into it. I download the C25K app from the Play Store so I had a disciplined structure to work with and now I'm at week 5 and loving it! I'm running 12km a week and aside a few minor aches and monstrously tight calves, I feel fantastic!

I certainly will not be going back to "running shoes" I tell you that much!

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My latest Arch setup. I have been an Arch + Gnome user for a few years now. I installed i3 and I'm in love!!

Arch Linux,
i3 Window Manager
More details in the video description!
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+Chris Goodman thx~~
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Wow! this is the first advert I have seen on Youtube about Linux! :D
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Installed Solus to my Laptop! I'm keeping Arch Linux on the Workstation for a little while, mainly because it is set up for exactly what I need.

But for my laptop, Solus is incredible! Everything works, all the time, every time. I had no issues with installation and the software centre has pretty much everything I need for my daily driver. It is fast and stable and looks awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

#solus #solusOS #Solusproject #linux #opensource #desktop #operatingsystem #os #laptop #foss #winblows #windows

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I can't seem to find a setting for the animation in Guake so that'd be really cool. :D
It's the little things eh?!
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Hello people!

I'm thinking of exploring a new Distribution and Solus looks quite nice! I've been a user of Arch now for a couple of years and love the rolling nature of it. But inevitably, I boot up and it occasionally throws a wobbly, especially when I want to get something done, or worse I want to show Linux off to someone. I hear Solus will go rolling at 2.0 which has peaked my interest.

I'm looking to install on my laptop (i5 quad sandy bridge, 8gb Ram Intel graphics). I currently have the Os installed to SSD and /home on a 1tb spinning disc.

I have played with it on a live USB and it seems really cool.

So, is it worth me jumping in now? Has anyone else come from Arch that could share their thoughts on how they have got on with Solus?


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I have installed Solus on a couple of laptops, one old BIOS driven DELL Vostro 1520 with an SSD and it boots up at 8 seconds. The other is a new UEFI driven DELL Inspiron with core i7 Skylake processor which benefits from the newer kernel version 4.7.4. Up till now I had only ever installed *buntu disros and was fearful of learning a new distro with a different package manager, but so far I have never needed to touch the terminal. All my drivers and software were installed via the excellent Software Center. Solus is an amazing piece of software. Ikey, Justin Zobel and Joshua Strobi are great developers. I would recommend Solus to anyone.
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I haven't been on G+ properly for quite a while now. Not sure why?

I'm going to try to drop in more for a while!...
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94km in and they barely look used! It's nice to see where I land? I'm unsure whether I'm supposed to be using my big toe more though? Either way these are incredible! #running #run #minimalistrunning #vibrams #vibramfivefingers
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travel on

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Environmental Consultant, road cyclist, Digital Artist, Linux User and all round Geek!
I'm an Environmental Consultant working in the South West of England..  I have many interests, but here are some Ideas for circles to put me in: Cycling: I own a road bike. I ride almost every day and I'm still not riding it enough. Art:  I Love art and all things art, No main preference to style but I do like fantasy, sci fi and landscape. I am a digital artist myself. Technology: I love all Tech. Past, present and future and want everything on the market! I love to know how things work and I love Open Source Software. GNU/Linux: I am a huge fan of Linux and run Arch Linux on my main machine, I have used Ubuntu and Fedora in the past but Arch tops them all. I use windows but only for work... I have never used OSX. Android: I have a Nexus 5 and a Nexus 7 running Stock. Google+: I am on here all day, everyday! Kids; I have 2, one 8 and one 4. Dyslexia: I have dyslexia. It has never stopped me!  Photography: I enjoy Photography and I have been know to show some skills occasionally too! Ex British Forces: I served in the Royal Engineers from 2000 to 2004.
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Love the place. Been many times and my kids love it too. Highly recommended.
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