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So is it me, or is Spotify Premium looking like a really good deal?
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Ryan Š
it's just you.
Ryan Š
Good question--but you positioned it as a good deal.
Less money for more music on my iPod sounds attractive to me.
Ryan Š
Do you get to keep it? How much are you paying for media now?
$20-$40 a month. With Spotify you don't keep anything, but you can listen to anything. I'm not particularly interesting in hoarding music or having my library always growing and taking up increasing amounts of space (digitally or in real life).

I am interested in tearing through new music as fast as my ears will let me without having to budget.
The music rental is identical to Rhapsody, but you get to share with friends. .that is worth a good deal.
I think it's worth it so far too. For the simple fact that there is not a lot of music that I love forever. When I do, I'll buy it. As it stands, I already have too much that I'm really "meh" about now.
I just made a list of albums that I want to buy but cannot due to budgeting reasons.

16 albums. At $10 a piece, it's making Spotify pretty seriously tempting.
Ryan Š
Buy used. Instant savings like crazy.
The artists don't see any money from used sales any more than they do if I pirate music. That venue removes any incentive I have to pay at all. Plus I'd have to rip it from CDs, so more time and hassle as well.

Not that I won't do it, just that I'm not satisfied with that, either. I like the idea of paying a flat rate, guzzling all the media I care to in a guilt-free way, and hoping that the artists get a portion of my money according to how I consume the media. Like the Netflix model... only with artists getting money. Not sure that they do with Netflix.
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