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Joy “Jhoysi” Caasi
My straw always come with a pair just because. :p
My straw always come with a pair just because. :p

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: A Very Unique Timepiece By JORD!
You know the saying ‘the best gift you can ever give to your love one is time’? That’s true and I live by this quote. Giving them time is like sharing a part of you that you can never take back, and you can spice this up this Valentine’s day with this uniqu...

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How To Get (Legally) HIGH - In Dubai!
And just before I get tons of email to take this post down, let me tell you one thing: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. First and foremost, Dubai has zero tolerance for illegal drugs - any form of use or distribution of illegal drugs in the UAE is a criminal...

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How to Experience the Best of Dubai - On A Budget!
That's me, going around Dubai on a budget. Okay so I live here, and for me, a budget experience in Dubai is very different to a tourist’s. Heading to friends for dinner certainly takes the sting out of a pricey restaurant cheque, and taking a long drive wit...

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Trying Out Famous Dave's In Abu Dhabi Mall
I've been out and about lately and busy doing sooo many things (hint: I went back to my home country for a bestie's wedding last week and now planning another one for another bestie!)! With all these things coming, I am hopeful and excited for greater thing...

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Taste Of Canada - Where To Get Fresh Canadian Beef and Goodies In Dubai
A portion of this juicy Canadian beef went to my tummy right after that hot air balloon experience from Landrover. An invite to attend Taste of Canada to experience different Canadian delights at The Ritz Carlton JBR came in and who am I to say no? I arrive...

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Morelli's Gelato At The Beach JBR
Before hopping on a photo shoot for a magazine, I kidnapped my blogger friend Kenneth Surat for some gelato treats at The Beach JBR. It's winter here in Dubai and you are probably asking why are we having ice cream? The answer is simple: our winter is not a...

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Fly With The Falcons Of Dubai...On A Hot Air Balloon!
Finally gotten over my El Nido, Palawan trip with occasional separation anxiety on my island living in the Philippines because the little miss is an island lady by heart. As soon as I arrived in Dubai last Nov. 28, hustling and grinding continued and you wi...

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Budget Friendly Hotel In El Nido: Dormitels
Have you enjoyed my previous post about Eco Hotels ? After a few hours of posting it, I had several messages that came in via Instagram  asking me for other hotel options in Palawan that are budget friendly and does not require thousands of pesos to spend w...

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Where To Stay In El Nido: Eco Hotel
Reception area of Eco Hotel in El Nido, Palawan As promised on my post ' The Essentials - A First Timer's Guide To El Nido Palawan ' , I'd briefly take you inside Eco Hotel , the chic eco-friendly hotel where I have stayed during my 4-day catching-up-with-m...

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The Essentials - A First Timer's Guide To El Nido Palawan
It has been more than a week now since I set foot to the beautiful island of Palawan from my home country. I just posted a teaser photo of the 30+ Photos That Will Make You Want To Book A Flight To El Nido, Palawan and believe it or not, it got a whopping 2...
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