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RainSoft water softeners can stop the effects of hard water. Contact us for a free in-home water test and see how RainSoft can improve the quality of your water.
Hard Water Makes Cleaning Harder
A study conducted for the Water Qaulity Research Foundation looked at the impact of water hardness on automatic dishwashers. Soft water was found to be 12 times more effective at cleaning dishes than increasing the amount of detergent used. Researchers also found that the most important factor in removing stains from clothing was water softness. Reducing water hardness was up to 100 times more effective at stain removal than increasing the detergent amount or washing with hotter water.

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People are supposed to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, but what is all that water used for. On our website we list some of the ways your body uses water. One way is to lubricate joints. Visit our website to read some other surprising ways your body is making use of the water you drink. You can also find out more about RainSoft water treatment systems. We deliver fresh, clean water right to your tap so you don't have to worry about what might be in the water you're drinking.

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Texas - Visit our website to request a free in-home water test performed by a trained professional.
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RainSoft Water Softener | Grand Prairie, TX
A RainSoft water softener helps to keep your pipes free from scaly hard-water build-up and can extend the life of your water-using appliances.

MoneyTalksNews gives more tips about saving money by cutting down on your water bill like skip pre-rinsing dishes. Most modern dishwashers work well enough to make pre-rinsing unnecessary.
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RainSoft water treatment systems deliver delicious, clean water right from your tap. Not only is it convenient, but drinking tap water instead of bottled water is an environmentally smart choice. Bottled water products produce up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year and require up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce.

Visit our website to find out more about RainSoft water treatment systems.
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RainSoft of Grand Prairie | Grand Prairie, TX
Is activated carbon a safe method of filtration for drinking water?
Yes. Activated carbon filtration is recommended by the EPA for use in municipal water treatment plants.

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RainSoft of Grand Prairie

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Why detergent companies don't like RainSoft.
RainSoft's super-sudsing action means you'll need less soap, shampoo and detergents for everything from bathing and doing dishes and laundry to cleaning. Visit the RainSoft of Grand Prairie website and explore the interactive house. A RainSoft Water Treatment system can improve water quality throughout your home.

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RainSoft of Grand Prairie - RainSoft offers a free in-home water test to see if RainSoft water treatment can benefit your home. 

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