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Of risks and dragons
What's really going on here?

The question I'm asking is why this #AAAS  report has gone around the web and received more media coverage than perhaps any other report like it, surpassed only by the #IPCC  reports published by the #UN  itself. It has clearly struck a chord, a wavelength, a nerve.

The stroke of brilliance, as many observers have noted, is the report's focus on risk management. Regardless of what anyone thinks of climate change, no one can or should object to treating it exactly as we all treat normal, daily risks: by insuring against them, which is to say by taking steps to reduce the impact of any likely or potential damage.

"Insurance" in climate terms is the combination of mitigation and adaptation, as well as every social and business measure we can take to avoid catastrophe.

That is, indeed, refreshing and brilliant. But there must be something more to the rather dramatic reaction to this report. After all, there have been countless references over the years to this same risk management approach. Why the hoopla over this one?

Others have said the report uses simpler language than scientist organizations like AAAS are accustomed to confusing us with. And they're right about that, as well.

A bit more time will probably have to pass before we can pinpoint the chord and wavelength more clearly, but without the benefit of hindsight, I think the buzz is more a sign of a tipping point than simpler language or the risk management angle.

Consider the report's title. What We Know. It's a reference to something matter-of-fact, instinctive, practically natural. It's what we know. Don't you know? How can you not know? Hello!

Growing majorities are already believers. People are coming around. In the U.S., most people fear climate change. A quarter of the population fear it greatly. And that's in the U.S., clearly the most recalcitrant of all the majors.

Yet, the entire issue has remained stuck over denials and petty politics. The UN hasn't managed any significant negotiation. The 2015 global deal seems destined to fall abysmally short of what's needed. So as the climate keeps worsening, it shouldn't surprise anyone that so does the frustration percolating beneath the surface.

It is a social tipping point in the making, no doubt -- one sure to overwhelm the deniers and merchants of doubt as swiftly as tipping points tend to do. That's why they're called tipping points, because they happen when an underlying current tips past a threshold and changes the game.

Interestingly, the AAAS report does something else that is curiously refreshing. It alerts us to the potential surprises that await us in nature's own tipping points, a generally obscure fact few scientists like to highlight. These scientists decided to place those tipping points -- dragons, as they're referred to in some circles, and in this report -- front and center in what we know.

So read the report (linked here) and judge for yourself. Is it the language and the risk, or is there something deeper going on here?

#climate   #climatechange   #sustainability   #globalwarming  
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? try a life
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A rising marketplace

We have to get as many sustainable products in Common. Do you know of any? Check it out.

+Joel Franqui, what's your view of Common from your perspective as a fair trade retailer?
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Great website. Not everything is Fair Trade but then, not everything can be certified. 

What I liked about Common is that it features great sustainable brands. Just like what we try to do at +La Chiwinha in Puerto Rico.
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Follow the money

Great piece in +Triple Pundit on capital markets and clean energy. Thanks for writing and sharing, +Raz Godelnik.

Raz does a great job pointing to the difficulties ahead, though he skipped a big one: 2C is no longer the right target. It's closer to 1.5, and we're already at or very near 1, so reaching and sustaining $1 trillion per year in clean energy investment to avoid 1.5C becomes an even bigger challenge.

Still, the +Ceres report is useful. Vital, even. I do see one major gap, however: insufficient mention of efficiency and rooftop solar, at a time when these investment strategies should rise to the very top of the agenda in any clean energy conversation or conference -- precisely because it has proven so painfully hard to wean utilities away from fossils. How about looking past these dinosaurs.

And yet, there they are, the growing number of solid companies ready to receive investment capital to sweep the planet with efficiency and rooftop financed by solar leases and PPAs, all to create a brave new world of near-off-grid properties in every city and farm.

How about it?

#climate   #climatechange   #sustainability   #cleantech   #cleanenergy  
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+ann I.C. joachim Nuclear power is not as destructive or a bigger pollutant than the fossil fuel industry  the fissionable uranium 238 is enriched into uranium 235 for reactors where it is depleted of it`s energy (RADIOACTIVITY ) and eventually becomes lead that is less toxic than uranium the material it once was . the two main reactor accidents the first Chernobyl was a disaster  but it is a far smaller area that is still effected , than say a hydro dam like the three gorges dam that effected or destroyed 4,300square kilometers . The second is no where near as bad ,the cores did not melt or burn in Fukushima and the radioactive iodine 131 has a half life of 8 days that transcribes into about 1000days it`s all gone the heavier elements did not travel out of the reactor because they did not have a melt down in Fukushima . As for your assertion that nuclear energy is so destructive and produces pollution you are incorrect , the newer reactors reclaim old fuel by centrifuging the spent material to a isotope and enriching new Uranium 238 source to produce uranium 235 that is reactor fissionable , almost eliminating waste what is left is less radioactive than background radiation and less chemically toxic than the original uranium 238 . If the pollution was so great for Fukushima why have we not seen radiation sickness in vast quantities that would happen if the cores were washed into the pacific , the very nature of the reactor core makes it extremely heavy , and the most dangerous elements are the heavier elements . You receive more back ground radiation when you fly for two hours  than if you were to go to the exclusion zone for one day.
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How do you spell relief

This Joe Romm piece in +Think Progress is among the most important he has done, because it contains a message we must all heed.

"If we don’t act to reverse carbon emissions quickly, by mid-century every country in the world will be dealing with epic catastrophes simultaneously on a regular basis — drought, sea level rise, heat waves, invasive species, acidification, and super storms. This means rich countries probably will not be offering much assistance to the poorer ones — or willing to intervene in foreign conflicts — since we’ll be suffering at the same time. When the West and Southwest are Dust-Bowlifying, the Southeast is heating up and suffering alternatively from brutal droughts and floods, and the east coast is seeing a Sandy-level storm (or worse) every year. We’ll be devoting all our resources to our own troubles. Compassion fatigue will be replaced by compassion exhaustion."

Did you read that? Carefully? So what's the message I, for one, draw from it? That as we deal with climate solutions to avoid or ease this fate -- a task many of us are deep into -- we MUST at the same time devote far more resources and attention than we're doing today to building a resilient relief infrastructure to deal precisely with this catastrophe overload in a way that DOES allow for compassionate aid to others around the world.

For more on the relief we need, see this post from a year ago:

#climate   #climatechange   #sustainability   #globalwarming  
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+ann I.C. joachim No I am a Canadian , and I am glad that the republicans are on the sidelines because of their crazy agenda . But if you mean that I think Obama and his oil and fracking  for gas is good then no I do not support him in that at all. Why do you change the topic ? The carbon tax has nothing to do with an 200year old science the green house effect , that you would deny basic chemistry and physics is telling of your lack of understanding of how science works.
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Alex Diaz

Climate Change News Stories  - 
Our biggest challenge

So China wants its economy to rely more on domestic consumption than investment. But unless we put our heads together to make that consumption sustainable...

I'll let you complete the sentence.
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+Susan Stone, the point is that unless Chinese consumers enter their upcoming consumption binge sustainably, climate change will worsen like we can't imagine. How is that not appropriate for a climate change community?
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Have him in circles
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Look at the bright side

This article laments that only 24% of Americans care greatly about climate change. And of course we would all want that to be far higher at this stage of the game. But as in everything in life, it depends how you look at it.

A quarter of the population -- that's 82 million people in America who care greatly about climate change, and that's a whole freaking army! Indeed, no military army has ever been anywhere near that big.

Now, let's think people networks. THE most powerful way to spread social change is called conductivity, or the way ideas spread from one person to another in close-knit networks at work, church, family gatherings, among friends, in the  neighborhood, and of course, across social networks.

Get where this is going? Now that we have a quarter of the population on board, let's get them activated, and watch them multiply like cells in mitosis.

#climate   #climatechange   #globalwarming   #sustainability  
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+Devin Christensen , do spend a year in the Philippines so you can experience how it has changed for us. For starters, March is the start of the summer season, and yet here we have a storm approaching.
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Alex Diaz

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Go recharge your sissy cars

Nothing like some Nazi climate denial humor to spice up your weekend.
Hitler’s Response To Tesla Takeover (VIDEO)
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Yeah. Agreed. Quite the reflection of the conservative mind.
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Climate Reality

I must say, Al Gore and his team continue to do a heck of a job lifting awareness in ever more creative ways. Here they are with the Cost of Carbon initiative, which includes this important appeal for all us to throw our names in the ring. I just did, and suggest you do, as well:

When you can, and if you haven't lately, take a look (or another) at the +Climate Reality website. Scroll down through the initiatives and videos. Really, really awesome stuff. Should get far more play, in fact. Maybe the world has a case of Gore fatigue and equally awesome folks like +Bill McKibben are now more in vogue. Perhaps. But that takes absolutely nothing away from Gore's continuing contributions and his frequent reminders of the Reality behind the Climate crisis.


#climate   #climatechange   #globalwarming   #climatereality   #algore  
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+ann I.C. joachim well that was 60 seconds of the same dumbassery we hear on a regular basis. Where's your science degree? Oh you don't have one? Then shush we're having a grown up discussion here.
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Alex Diaz

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"The most ridiculous thing I've seen"

You can say that again. A video to make you think. Twice.
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or a fracking area
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Alex Diaz

Climate Change News Stories  - 
If you thought the drop in cleantech investment was a bad sign, think again. The total dollar amount may be down, but the number of projects are up! -- the result of the sharp drop in the cost if renewable installations. And when we throw in total climate-related investments, the figure looks even sunnier.

Slate: Buy Green. Sell Stranded.
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Isn't that wonderful!
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Let's bring Green Hope to the world
Thanks for your visit. This G+ page is dedicated to the indispensable fight against climate change and resource depletion (the latter including biodiversity and extracted resources). If you're interested, please peruse the posts, and let's add each other to our circles. Better yet, let's engage in online and offline activities and do some business together to move the process along.

In my job at NAI Puerto Rico, my dearest of tasks is to lead GreenCress, our sustainability unit. NAI (an affiliate of NAI Global) is a real estate firm, so our focus at GreenCress is on transforming buildings, neighborhoods and cities, both in Puerto Rico and around the world.

I make the case on this G+ page that green-as-usual, with its top-down solutions that look to UN deals and typical corporate sustainability programs and technological progress, will not alone keep us from reaching 2C, or even 1.5C, ON TIME. We must, in addition and with unprecedented urgency, spark the spread of bottom-up, demand-side, neighborhood-level change, in EVERY corner of the planet. That's what GreenCress seeks to do across various fronts.

Whenever I'm not busy working, blogging, googling, running, biking, traveling, coffeeing or familying, I'm also hard at work contributing to this big change -- and contemplating the consequences if we don't make it -- through the writing of Green Hope, my first book.

So, welcome once more, and I hope to see you down the (G+) stream.
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