I'm happy to announce the fact I've taken over the chrome extension Shortcuts for Google (which currently has 135000+ users).
Thanks +Sören Rinne 

Why not immediately update the extension after taking it over?
Exactly, so, here is the update :). version 2.0.
I've redesigned the settings page, updated the extension to manifest version 2.0 and i've added some new shortcuts.

you can download the extension here:

you can buy me a coffee here:

full changelog:
* Redesigned settings page
* Updated extension to manifest v2.0
  - all javascript is now in an external javascript page
  - replaced all event attributes with event listeners
  - some more changes
* added some new services
  - advanced search
  - google cars
  - google scripts
  - api explorer
  - api console
  - tag manager
  - google+ pages
  - google+ communites
* removed some services (google spring cleaning)
* renamed some services
  - "Mail" to "Gmail"
  - "Plus" to "Google+"
  - "Docs - new presentation" to "slides" (same for all the other docs services)
  - "goo.gl" to "url shortener"
  - "settings" to "google settings"
  - "product search" to "shopping"
* updated a lot service icons, including:
  - google+ icons (thanks to +Michael Cook )
  - drive icons
  - appengine (thanks to +Michael Cook )
  - support forum
  - dashboard
  - android developer console
  - moderator
  - product ideas
  - public data explorer
  - green
  - drive
  - apps and apps dashboard
  - playstore, play magazine
  - contacts
  - google settings
  - news archive
  - web history
  - currency converter
  - art project
  - panoramio
  - hotelfinder
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