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Bill Kemp

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Bill Kemp

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'' 1941 Firestone Super Cruiser '' #KRACKER
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Bill Kemp

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Bill Kemp

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Bill Kemp

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Gods always behave like the people who created them. - Zora Neale Hurston
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Bill Kemp

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Bill Kemp

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Expected price of the #FordGT  in the USA is about US$400,000. Thats the same price as a +Lamborghini  #Aventador  ! Would you take a #Ford  over a #Lamborghini  ?
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Bill Kemp

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Let me have your opinion on this Ford truck.
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Bill Kemp

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Find all my socialmedia sites Here.... Find all my socialmedia sites Here.... Retweet. Tweet. SHARE. Google · My Posts · Circle Magic · Crystal Powers. Last 7days. #TSU WHAT IS TSU - tsū ('Sue') is a free social media payment platform · #Russia now in #Syria, Russian Special Forces arrive in ...
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Bill Kemp

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We are on a Milky Way way over here at Team Jesse. I like the milky way, it reminds me of chocolate. Not sure why.. Anyway, I have been getting major trolled of late on certain social media sites. I suppose that shows my outstanding popularity! Or I guess the 95% of us that think I am a little smart, are really just quite stupid... Sigh.... Trolls commence!

Here is another chance.

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