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Bill Kemp
Worked at United Space Structures, Inc.
Lives in Alexandria VA
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Bill Kemp

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Bill Kemp

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Bill Kemp

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When your dog is so obedient you get to troll it.
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The 20th Most Popular Person On Google+ Tells You How To Use It

That would be me..  Check out this lovely article about my G+ experience..  I heart you guys! Thanks for being in this experience with me ♥

#googleplus   #socialmedia  
As businesses face drastic drops in the organic reach of their Facebook posts, there are no doubt some shifting focus over to Google+. With recent …
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Bill Kemp

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VOTE BLUE at all levels!

Yes. He did say this.

Watch "Fmr Sheriff: Shoot Women First In Bundy Ranch Sta…" on YouTube
Fmr Sheriff: Shoot Women First In Bundy Ranch Sta…:

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Bill Kemp

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Dream of living in a Tree-house? Here is some inspiration.

Please Follow: +Creative Ideas 
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Robotics for space construction
  • United Space Structures, Inc.
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If you are not living on the edge then you are taking up too much space!
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Alexandria VA
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