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It Takes A Glass Of This And Your Liver Will Be Renewed!
Modern way of living leaves to consuming fast food products that contain almost no nutrients. Not only people experience lack of nutrients


#health   #liver   #treatment   #homeremedies   #herbs   #healthyliving  
Modern way of living leaves to consuming fast food products that contain almost no nutrients. Not only people experience lack of nutrients b...
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If you are not living on the edge then you are taking up too much space!
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First test of driverless minibus in Paris Saturday

The French capital's transport authority will on Saturday carry out its first test of a driverless minibus, in the hope that regular routes

DNA-based vaccine guards against Zika in monkey study

An experimental DNA-based vaccine protected monkeys from infection with the birth defects-causing Zika virus, and it has proceeded to human

Panasonic provides a stand-alone photovoltaic power package to off-grid ...

Panasonic Corporation provided the Power Supply Station; a stand-alone photovoltaic power package, to the village of Yin Ma Chaung, a Magway

How to see the doomed Tiangong-1 Chinese space station

China's first space station, Tiangong-1, is expected to fall to Earth sometime in late 2017. We've known for several months that the orbital

To produce biopharmaceuticals on demand, just add water

Researchers at MIT and other institutions have created tiny freeze-dried pellets that include all of the molecular machinery needed to trans

A compound that stops cells from making protein factories could lead to ...

Tiny, abundant biological factories, known as ribosomes, produce the cell's most fundamental building material: protein. If ribosomes don't

Fundamental researchers offer new ways to sort molecules for clean energy

It's called the office candy dish problem. You grab a jellybean, but it's not the flavor you want. Pawing through for your favorites is irri

Opinion: More women are running the world, so why aren't more men doing ...

Globally, women are triumphing in historically male-dominated areas. 2017 may begin with women at the helm of Germany, Liberia, Norway, Sout

Human neuron transplants treat spinal cord injury in mice

Chronic pain and loss of bladder control are among the most devastating consequences of spinal cord injury, rated by many patients as a high

UPS testing drones for use in its package delivery system

One of the world's largest package delivery companies is stepping up efforts to integrate drones into its system.

Team discovers way to make alane a better hydrogen fuel option for vehicles

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory, in collaboration with several partners, have discovered a less-expensive, mor

Hyperloop pushes dream of low-cost futuristic transport

Is it a plane, is it a train? No, say supporters of Hyperloop, a futuristic mode of transport floated by Silicon Valley billionaire Elon Mus

Chemists find key to manufacturing more efficient solar cells

In a discovery that could have profound implications for future energy policy, Columbia scientists have demonstrated it is possible to manuf

New analysis finds way to safely conduct heat from graphene to biologica...

In the future, our health may be monitored and maintained by tiny sensors and drug dispensers, deployed within the body and made from graphe

Experts see few paths to planet-saving climate goal

The global target to prevent climate catastrophe, crafted at a landmark summit last year in Paris, will be very difficult if not impossible

How to detect water contamination in situ?

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed a device for the rapid analysis of liquids on the content of hazardous substance

Toward more efficient CO2 capture

Existing methods to capture CO2 suffer from a series of drawbacks directly affecting their output. Aiming to improve the situation, Dr. Soni

Robots don't have to behave or look like humans

The R2-D2 robot from Star Wars doesn't communicate in human language but is, nevertheless, capable of showing its intentions. For human-robo

Study shows Indian Ocean sea level on the rise

A new paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research shows that sea level rise in the northern Indian Ocean rose twice as fast as the global a

Tattoo therapy could ease chronic disease

A temporary tattoo to help control a chronic disease might someday be possible, according to scientists at Baylor College of Medicine who te

Ken, was a really great pleasure to work with! He took the time to explain the extent of the roof repairs and they only took one day to do and so very fast turn around. His price was very good also. The next time we need roof work Ken will be the first and only person I will call.
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