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An unannounced new Tesla Model S 75D gets CARB certification
The California Air Resource Board (CARB) updated its website to surprisingly add an unannounced new Tesla Model S 75D to its list of vehicles eligible for single occupant carpool lane stickers. Whi…
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Microsoft vets join VR startup that offers full-body, fully immersive experience

Virtual reality, in its current form, is an exclusively audio/visual medium, with a large focus on the way things look. Touch is mostly a one-way experience if it’s considered at all, using clunky controllers to “touch” virtual objects. But AxonVR wants those virtual objects to touch back. The company, which is just coming out of a four-year stealth period, is developing technology that allows users to move through virtual environments and feel the size, shape, weight, texture, and temperature of virtual objects. Using exoskeleton-like hardware, VR software and a “smart textile,” users can experience deeper immersion in virtual environments.

Virtual reality, in its current form, is an exclusively audio/visual medium, with a large focus on the way things look. Touch is mostly a one-way experienc
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Street art in Bogotá, Colombia,
by artist DEXS.
Photo by Hugo Rubiano.
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This is not how to treat your pre-order customers.
Oculus has decided to prioritize shipping Rift to retail outlets, while consumers who pre-ordered months ago wait in (literal) line. It may make smart business sense, but it's an insult to the people who supported the company financially and have been waiting months already.
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Remember when Republican Kevin McCarthy admitted that the purpose of the Benghazi hearings was simply to hurt Hillary’s popularity ? Remember when Hillary faced off with the Republican-led ...
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Intelligent people are totally weary of this exspensive farce 
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The Robots are Coming!
An army of robots is on the move. In warehouses, hospitals and retail stores, and on city streets, industrial parks and the footpaths of college campuses, the first representatives of this new invading force are starting to become apparent. “The
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