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I'm cranky: deal with it.
I'm cranky: deal with it.

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Get back to the office after a week of being ill and/or working remote. Start picking through email. Find this gem - from someone who was having issues with something:

after much mashing of teeth


Dear Local TV Stations:

Throwing a "breaking news" crawler and playing an attention signal just to let viewers know that the plane carrying Bao Bao has just taken off is NOT cool. It would be one thing if you were announcing that the plane had crashed on takeoff - that's possibly worthy of that kind of interruption - but a "nothing really to do" type of interruption is how you condition people to NOT pay attention to those types of interruptions.

It's a long-standing pet-peeve of mine when people resort to polysyllabification (e.g., saying "utilize" when "use" is at least as good of a word-choice in conveying meaning). I'm not sure, but I may hate the recentish, opposite trend.

* You want to ask me a question or you would like to ask a favor of me. If you think you have "an ask" for me (big or small), I'm probably going to either ignore you or refuse you just on principal.
* If I help you resolve a problem, I have given you a solution or a resolution to your problem. I have not given you "a solve".


Something henkie with the regional public transit service: during periods of high ridership they claim a need to raise fares to cope with the costs of serving larger numbers of riders; during low ridership periods, they claim a need to increase fares due to falling revenue. It begs the question of what is the ridership sweet spot that confers adequate revenues to provide services without hitting the "too many" riders level (or do they simply assume no one remembers the previous "justifications" for fare increases)?

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Heh... Probably a few people out there that would be interested in this.

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Having dealt with these asshats the past two plan-years, it's easy to understand why they're imploding. Frankly, they suck. Their goal may have been to disrupt the plan administration market-space, but their service has been no better than any other plan administrators I've had to deal with over the years.

On the plus side, the muscle spasm in my back is bad enough that the doctor at the urgent care facility was able to easily tell that I wasn't drug-seeking simply by touching the area in spasm.

On the minus side, the spasm is bad enough that a light touch was obvious enough to tell that the muscle was completely locked up.

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It feels like trying to use National Guard troops this way would be an attempted end-run around proscriptions against using Federal Army troops for such tasks. But it would seem like, if used this way, you'd have to consider the Guard forces as having been federalized ...subjecting them to the same proscriptions. If passed, some interesting case-law should result.

Watching the Trumpies froth at justifying all of the Trump behaviors and actions evokes Anne Lamott's assertions about god. Trump-love is a religion similar to many "Christians" that adhere to a faith-model where "God" hates all the same things they do. Trumpism is an article of faith. Failure to believe - even (especially) in the face of absurdities - is a heresy that cannot be tolerated.


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I look back at pictures from last winter's snowy days and I really feel sorry for my one dog. She loves snow. This year, she had pretty much none to enjoy.
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