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anyone want to go see this?

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this is great.

List of Things the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project won't translate for you:

Names for your non-native child
Names for your non-tribally owned property/home (especially if there is evidence of Wampanoag ancestral remains)
Names for your pet
Translations for words you are using in your Wampanoag-based historical novel/song/poem/other, content for which hasn’t first been vetted through the Wampanoag community. 
Wôpanâak words for tattoos for non-tribally affiliated individuals

My first published prose was a short story that was basically about Holmes & Watson as a married hetero couple. Holmes was the wife. Also they were both talking dingos. I was 11.

I just called out an antisemitic cartoon and had the SJW who posted it - someone who has gotten really good at owning privilege w/r/t race - go thru ALL the stages of "that's racist" reaction

1) you're seeing something that's not there
2) I know this one minority and HE agrees with me
3) in critiquing this text you are critiquing ME
4) we're not all like that tho (and how dare you say we are)
5) how are you telling me what I think when I KNOW I'm not bigoted
6) I'm not responsible for what other people might possibly think
7) I'm upset because I am so anti-bigotry that even talking about bigotry upsets me in my soul
8) you're saying I'm bigoted, but it's just because you're a self-hating minority
9) I'm just so confused, explain me?
10) wow gotta go but I really respect everything you've said


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hey remember that one time I had to drive out to the middle of nowhere, Florida and sit in this family's living room listening to their possessed Elmo doll
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