So, it's been pretty fun watching the internet punish GoDaddy for supporting SOPA.

At the same time, it reminds me of fighting a guy in a wheelchair; you're not on a level playing field.

Yes, GoDaddy made the mistake of angering their customer base who are also the most likely people to actually know and care about SOPA. But their other mistake was being a commodity supplier in a monopolist list.

If you are a sports fan, will you stop watching ESPN? Will you refuse to buy tickets, memorabilia, and apparel for your favorite baseball and football teams? The MLB and NFL are supporters of SOPA too.

If you have a credit card, will you cancel it? Both Visa and Mastercard are supporters of SOPA.

If you are sick, will you stop taking Lipitor, Celebrex, and Viagra? Oh, you don't take those? Ok, will you stop buying Advil then? All drugs owned by Pfizer, yet another SOPA supporter.

My points, in ascending order:

- A real boycott involves self-sacrifice. Taking 20 minutes to change your name registrar is not sacrifice. Please stop feeling like you're doing something real when you switch away from GoDaddy.

- There are too many forces aligned against us to make boycott an effective technique to prevent SOPA. I'll never buy a UFC pay-per-view event, nor use L'Oreal beauty products. I also do not plan on cancelling my credit cards, and if I wind up in the hospital, I do not plan on refusing Pfizer drugs.

- What may surprise you, dear fellow infovore, is that the web 2.0 economy is a nice toy and all, but the old boy network still has the real power. In what may be a second surprise, parts of the old boy network still respond to archaic technology, such as actual voice phone calls and real letters printed on dead trees. Cynic though you may be about the Congress, have you called or written yet?

- Money. Money is the root cause behind SOPA, and everything else you hate about The System. The only way to fight back is with money. Sorry, there is no other way around it. Full stop.

If you want to do something real, donate money. A real amount of money.You are here on the internets, you are probably affluent enough to donate real money.

We should be so lucky that in order to get what we want politically, all we have to do is buy it. We don't have to freeze our asses off in tents, we don't have to endure horrific pepper spraying or physical violence. We just have to send some money, and then we get to carry on with our comfortable lives, doing everything else we enjoy doing.

I recommend sending money to: "The Sunlight Foundation uses cutting-edge technology and ideas to make government transparent and accountable." "Electronic Frontier Foundation: defending your rights in a digital world"
"Rootstrikers is a network of activists fighting the corrupting influence of money in politics."

Will you join me?
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