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Innovation, and failure
Last weekend my dad found an old book of mine from 1979: "A solid state of progress" from Fairchild. I am not sure how I got it, and I had not seen it since ~1985. Here is a picture out of it: The book has about 50 "art" pictures of integrated circuits, and...

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Greenfield project development, or "How I learned to love scrum and good product owners"
 There is nothing special to greenfield projects yet teams that can
tackle greenfield project have something special! It is not the projects that
matter as much as the approach to resolve unknowns when they appear in the projects that matters.   My goal h...

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Learning to fall
A style of youtube skateboard videos, is to show someone attempting a trick, to fail over and over, often with repeated falling to the ground, until finally succeeding, and with that success come the end of the video. What a casual observer may not know, is...

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My bookshelf
I am moving from on part of Zurich to another, and took the opportunity to take a picture of my books, which I share here with you.  

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Stick man in haskell
Today some feel good code in Haskell: man :: Diagram B man =         circle 1.2 # center     ===         ((rotateBy (-0.1) (vrule 3)) ||| (vrule 3) ||| (rotateBy 0.1 (vrule 3))) # center     ===         ((rotateBy (-0.1) (vrule 3)) ||| (rotateBy 0.1 (vrule ...

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The financial market as a magic carpet
(This is a "reaction to Greek no vote" blog.) A financial market is like a magic carpet. A financial market is like a magic carpet because it is sustained by the belief of the participants. When these beliefs disappear, the market fails, and falls just like...

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Understanding certain crazy people
I was saddened by the deaths in Germanwings crash this week. The natural question to ask oneself is why?  Why kill all these people while committing suicide? Narcissism is a good place to start with “asocial” behaviors. Yet you must be careful in understand...

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About making bad decisions
I noticed that the link to Sydney Finkelstein video was broken in an old post of mine (" Why Smart Executives Fail "). Therefore, I went looking for a new link on youtube and found something similar, but recorded three years later. So as I have been working...

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Is spoofing ok?
Spoofing is the act of generating orders to buy or sell something on an electronic market, but to then immediately cancel these orders in order not to trade.
Spoofing is used to generate a burst of activity with the hope that it will cause other algorithm...

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Software designs that grow with monads, comonads, and type compatibility
This post is about designing software with internal and external APIs that are robust to future changes. It is therefore about API compatibility, but more importantly it is about the compatibility of a full software design to changes. Not surprisingly, mona...
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