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I am sorry, the files in the zip was hosted on a site that was taken down, and I do not have this file anymore. The diff is above and I am fairly sure it does not work directly with SugarCrm 6.5. That being said I would not expect a big difference in the codebases and if this was something I wanted to port into the new version of SugarCrm then I would do something like the following.

1. Search for any of the above files in the diff to see if they are still part of the codebase and if some of the code might be relevant, then manually apply similar changes to what was done in the diff.
2. Alternatively : Figure what it take sot hide a subpanel by manually messing with a layoutdef ( $basepath/layoutdefs/{$moduleName}.php ) and when you know what it takes then just implement that in the mobule builder.

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Blev ringet op af børnsvelfærd, som fik det til at lyde som børns vilkår, men det er ikke det samme! Se her

Received a marketing call from "Børnsvelfærd", they made it sound like they were "Børns vilkår". It is not!

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WebRTC - Current state of afairs - Native App vs HTML/Web - iOS / Android / MacOS / Windows
I received an email with an inquiry about how to approach WebRTC development in an app, and this is my experiences based on some of the functionality that we have implemented. Depending on what your requirements are the easiest way is to do web only, but th...

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Xamarin / Mono: Android adb tracing / debug logging
adb shell setprop debug.checkjni 1 adb shell setprop debug.mono.env MONO_LOG_LEVEL=info adb shell setprop debug.mono.log gref,gc And if none of the above helps: adb shell setprop debug.mono.trace N:Your.App.Namespace Undoing adb shell setprop debug.checkjni...

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Goal: Cross platform (Android / iOS) WebRTC app using MVVMCross
I am attempting to port 2 Java apps that are part of the WebRTC code to Mono/C#.  The code is available on GitHub, it is still a fairly early version but it builds (there are some problems during run-time). Project goals make an opensource viable implementa...

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rfc5766-turn-server one liner install on CentOS
cd /usr/src;wget; tar -xf turnserver-; cd turnserver-; ./configure; make; make test; service turnserver stop; make install; service turnserver start

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Question: Mono.Android performance: C# -> JNI wrapper -> native lib vs. C# -> Managed wrapper -> native?
I have currently ported a Java app to Mono.Android. The Java app uses a native library. The full walk through can be read here: WebRTC app - C# / Xamarin - (C# - JNI - C/C++) - Summary and GitHub repository Basically I have some Java code that looks like th...

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WebRTC app - C# / Xamarin - (C# - JNI - C/C++) - Summary and GitHub repository
This posting concludes a series of in all 4 blog posting where this being the 4th. WebRTC app - C# / Xamarin - Part #1 - Building platform native webrtc library WebRTC app - C# / Xamarin - Part #2 - Attempt #1 - failure to using a JNI .so file directly from...

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WebRTC app - C# / Xamarin - Part #2 - Attempt #2 - success using a JNI .so file from C# / Mono
In my previous posting WebRTC app - C# / Xamarin - Part #2 - Attempt #1 - failure to using a JNI .so file directly from C# / Mono I wrote This is pushing me in a direction that I initially hoped I could avoid (mainly due to my limited knowledge in the area)...
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