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coka coki

hmm missing u FRIEND!
don't know whether u still remember me as your FRIEND...
all of our memory together...
even though u always look down on me but i really loves u FRIEND..
so many thing happen to us even sweet nor bitter moment
and now u have make a conclusion that I'm not suits to be your FRIEND anymore...
yes... I'm not really a good friend but I'm just human who make so many mistakes...
ArgHhhhhhh its really get through my head when i think of it...can't take it anymore..
FRIEND I'm sorry for wanting a perfect friend before.. i have been realise that I'm also not perfect to be choosy...
i know that I'm the reason of all that happen n I'm sorry for making u to hate me now...
I'm now going to start a new life but it can't be done without all my FRIEND besides me..
hope everything would be fine later...
missing u FRIEND!
actually i have though u as a sister as well..i want us to be like before...sharing so many things together..even we r not meeting each other...

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