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Sherebanu Frosh

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On the Campaign Trail
I got to the AAP office on Monday morning, late for the
volunteer meeting that was scheduled at 9 am, and unsure if I would contribute
much in any case. My 3-year-old Seher in tow, I was recognized instantly (I had
mentioned that I would be campaigning with...

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Blue Jeans
You are old, my friends So old and frayed You are torn, my friends Scraped, stained, a-fade Yet nothing, my friends Feels as good on me No nothing, my friends Feels so comfy The people they say Chhi! Throw them away The people may say You're wearing THAT to...

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I'm Safe
A crazed mob is at my gate

They want me

They wave their torches, tridents


We will burn down this house

If she doesn’t come out

My family weeps and tries to stop me

But I know

I have to go

Draining myself of my fear

Face of stone

I ste...

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10 Things I Learned from my 3-Year-Old
Cry when you’re hurt. Get it all out, there and then. And then completely forget about it and move on to the next interesting thing. Dance, often and freely. If there’s no music, sing and dance. Or dance to the music in your head. Either way, dance. Yearn t...
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