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I still standing, just. Are only on the game Age of Empire now. They say that it should come to Android, but I wonder, wonder, why she woul.
I still standing, just. Are only on the game Age of Empire now. They say that it should come to Android, but I wonder, wonder, why she woul.

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Sometimes I'm glad to not have any children 😲

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Got this from +Magnus Fahlén​ 😁

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Something happening with G+
G+ Android Update 7.8.0
Today we're starting to roll out our ninth Android app update of the year. In addition to addressing a number of bugs and accessibility issue, we've also added quicker access to new posts and additional Google apps.

* 22 bugs fixed
* Quick access to Google Photos, Hangouts, & Search apps
* "New posts" notification moved to the bottom of screen to make it easier to access on bigger phones. Thanks for all the feedback: (we do listen :)

And as always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~

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Well, after 22 years I'm understand something, but not all 😰
What's the best bit of relationship advice someone ever gave you?

Please Follow: +Aunty Acid

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Låt mobilen va när du går på dass! 😀
The World of Poo

So...Today the City is holding a day long exhibit and informational tables with videos, etc. featuring the electric departments, the water and wastewater departments....
This is my SuperDave's display of toys that got flushed that typically live on ledge inside the Operations Room.


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You who likes Gif:s but have trouble with the size

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There's a lot of people that haven't rooted but wanted to get rid of the annoying apps. XDA have a solution.

via News on Android ( )

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GOOGLE+EDIA #Googlepedia
My Collections & How To Google+
Google for Work, Businesses & Entrepreneurs >
Google Analytics I Insights I Search >
Google Ads >
YouTube >

How-To +Google+
NEW Google+ Create ->
1. Google+ > I
2. Get started with G+ Collections:
3. Get started with G+ Communities:
4. G+ Help Community >
5. Google+ Collections - Community:
6. Google+ Collections - Support Center:
7. G+ updates on all platforms >
8. YouTube >
9. Branding Guidelines >
10. Google+ For Work >
11. Google+ Growth: 2.7 BILLION accounts >
12. Policies for Google+, Hangouts & Photos >

Google+ Collections (How To)
13. How to create a Collection: 
14. How to customize your Collection:
15. How to create a post in a Collection:
16. How to reshare a post to a Collection:
17. How to move an existing post to a Collection:
18. How to Pin a Post to a Collection:
19. How to Share a Collection:
20. How to see who is Following your Collection:
21. How to Follow/Unfollow a Collection:
22. Why should I have more than 1 post in a Collection?:
23. Why I should have a good cover photo?:
24. Why should my Collection posts have a catchy intro?:
25. Tips for Creating a Featurable Collection:
26. How to create a Collection (Android):
27. How to Create a Poll (Android) >
28. How to create a Collection (iOS):
29. Create a poll through a Quick Action (i)S) >

30. Tips for using Google+ Collections:
31. Advanced Tips for Google+ Collections:
32. Why you should be using G+ Collections NOW:
33. The 3 Ways to Share on Google+: Circles, Communities, and Collections:
34. How to Increase Your Following on Google+:
35. The Future Of Google+ ->
36. Video Guide To The New Google+ >
37. The New Google+: Tutorial >
38. Google+ keyboard shortcuts >
39. The New Google+ - Part 1 >
40. The New Google+ - Part 2 >
41. The New Google+ - Part 3 >
42. What Marketers Need To Know >
43. Build Your Business With G+ Communities >
44. The Great "Google+ Goldrush" of 2016 is on >
45. How-To Google+ Video >
46. Things you can do on Google+ which you can't on Facebook or Twitter >
47. 30 Business Processes related to G+ >

About +Denis Labelle >

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Hörde att du skulle Grattas idag +Maria S​
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