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Occupy Movement
We are unstoppable. Another world is possible.
We are unstoppable. Another world is possible.


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"Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds." — John Perry Barlow

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One Demand by Hummingbird Thunder

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." — Gandhi


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But as one observes in this (larger) picture, the characteristic subtle enjoyment by robocop agents Search and Destroy (marked in the picture using CPD's yellow tag tactic) is unequivocally identified. This what a #PoliceState looks like. #Shame #ShameOnYou

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#NoNato #NoWar #NoGlory #NoMedals #ScottOlsen #FreeBradley #ThePeopleEndTheWar

#M21 #NoNato #NoWar Chicago Summit: Day 2 LIVE (live) (live) (live) (live) (live)
Latest: March taking to the streets again! (apparently heading to where the NATO Summit officials are celebrating war crimes with bottles of champagne)
# Open loudspeaker mic check. Solidarity brothers and sisters. Another world is possible! End the war!
# Crowd acknowledges once more how a #PoliceState looks like, to shut down ICE!
# Someone seen dangling a donut is allegedly detained after being randomly followed by CPD officers clearly unable to resist the treat, even when general consensus had been agreed on free donuts, and free ponies.
# March resumes leaded by #VeteransForPeace - ICE shut down! No more war crimes give Obama prison time! Stop supporting evil, no one is illegal. End the NDAA!
# March circled at Obama's campaign headquarters. Open loudspeaker mic check echoing the people's discerning voice of reason, calling off the #NDAA bill and demanding the release of Bradly Manning! Revolution is obviously announced as the most plausible solution for humanity. We are not republicans or democrats. We are the people! Of the United States!
# March growing stronger reaffirming the fact that there's people power in this town! And that there's no power like the power of the people cause the power of the people won't stop! Obama listen, stop the corporate system!
# Moment of silence for the victims of #NatoWarMachine
# Police give way after a few minutes of heroic chanting. Whose NATO, get out of the way get out the way!
# CPD nonviolent road block.
# March continuing. End the war! Tax the rich! Off the sidewalk to the street!
# We are the future. The media calls us hippies but we know better. Boeing have not paid property taxes for two decades. How much do you pay? Boeing chews your innocence, and laughs it in your face.
# Open loudspeaker brainstorm, with Vermin Supreme ensuring whose side victory is, and free ponies.
Shame on (mass murderer) Boeing!
# We are Unstoppable! Another World is Possible!
# Following a moment of silence for all the war victims and casualties, it's time for an economy and history lesson on the loudspeaker about Boeing's regretful agenda, outside their building
# What do we want. Peace. When do we want it. Yesterday.
Earlier: Crowd wants war exporters shut down while making clear that another world is possible. (live) (live) (live) (live) (offline) (live) "cop watch" (live)

Occupy Celebrates Victory of Non-Violent Direct Action with March to Boeing, All-Day Rally: People Power Stops the War Machine as Boeing Corporation Directs Employees to Stay Home, Shuts Down!
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