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Cough cough. Hack hack. Stay back.

i just wanted to say how thankful i am to have you in my life! i mean your always there for me no matter wht and i love that, im excited that we are going to be taking the next step in our relationship and i cant thank you enough for all that you do, theres no word to fathem how you love and support me and aubrey, and i just am soooo thankful for it! yohave changed alot from A to like D and its wonderful and amazing to say that i was there to see the amazing change in you and in us! i cant wait till the first moment, first second, first day...that i get to cll you my Fiance and my Husband (; i love you sooo much Ryan Jay Miller! and i cant wait to be Miranda Miller! i love you with everything i have, till the end of time and sooo mch more!

i'm sooo tired!

Cheers! To A New Beginning!

im nothing perfect, but im lucky, because i have you to call mine! i promise you with all my heart, that you wont ever be dissapointed again!

i dont know how to tell you this babe, but on monday im cutting my hair off and my hair will be super short, im doing it for cancer patients! i love you

with my nephew! i miss my boyfriend but i know hes fine!

Well my brother in law owes me $20 and my cousin owes me like $30 so i can turn my phone on, Tithe for God and bake an amazing cake for wednesday night, and get my boyfriend his valentinesday present! m awesome!

Dear James DesRoche (step dad) You a GAY FAG and i hate you

Just a chillin with my mom and my brother! 1
Excited to watch BuckWild Tonight! :) wishing i was able to talk to Ryan
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