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Now on tumblr as well!

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Quick Paints/portraits in Photoshop
I had the weekend free to do some sculpting but ended up getting not far with it. Sometimes clay or Zbrush doesn't want to play. I didn't want to waste the complete weekend though so tried my hand at some quick concepts/ portraits. 2D/painting is not my for...

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Tutorial: Quick character sheets in Zbrush
Think I saw Cesar Decal Jr utilise this in his introductions to Zbrush found on his youtube pages. I think it's great to study how traditional artists use digital software as they always seem to have some really innovative techniques which may be overlooked...

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Lizardman colour tests
Just a quick update on the lizardman concept I was working on. If you didn't see it here was the initial paintover. I started adding the frills / horns and tested out some legs (the legs and arms I'm going to change but I wanted to test scale). I started a ...

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Quick Lizardman concept paint test! trying to get some nice colours on there.

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Concepting and Spitpaint
Got interested recently in a FB group called Spitpaint . Similar to lunchcrunch it gives a rough topic to choose from then you have 30 minutes to create an image from scratch (no photos/phototextures allowed). Thought I'd brave it, it is incredibly challeng...

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Photography - Parks and Forests
Went for a walk round Fitzgerald Park in Cork while there are still some leaves on the trees. Got there just before the rain!  I think it's important to work with colours and tones when working within forests/parks as sometimes due to taking photos under sh...

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3D Project: Clothed model project part I
Very quick post showing the starts to a new project I'm working on. This is based on the current on demand workshop I bought from Zbrushworkshops. You can find the specific course here . After a very quick play last week trying to get used to Maya again I m...

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Book Overviews - things to come
This is a very very quick blog update. I've been wanting to do this for a while but along side my own progress updates for my 3d/ photography I want to now start doing book overviews for art/3d/photography books. These could be guides/how to style books or ...

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