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Reading in the dark may strain your eyes, but it won't cause damage.

Sitting close to the TV may give you headache but not eye problems.

20/20 doesn't mean perfect vision. It just means one can see clearly at a given distance.

Wearing sunglasses with UV protection helps reduce the risk of eye damage because it helps filter the harmful rays.

Research shows that consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid can lower the risk of dry eye syndrome by 17%.

Powerful antioxidants found in leafy veggies and eggs help promote good eyesight.

Got vision problems? Check out this chart to find out more about your condition.

Lubricate your eyes by blinking. Never stare at your PC or TV for a long time. This can lead to eye irritation or discomfort.

Eating right can help maintain good eyesight. Load up on fruits and green veggies. Your daily diet should include foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Little changes in your lifestyle can help minimize the risk of vision problems. For one, avoid stressing your eyes. Too much TV or use of computer can damage your eyes.
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