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Value creation in a digital economy and why it matters for businesses
How does
Facebook work?   We know it is based on
social (as a business model) and that crowdsourcing enables it.   And by mining the data that we, the users
create, turns it into information to support ads sales. When we use social media, it is crowdsourcin...

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Is facebook a tech or media firm?
Neither. A year back,
media mostly classified Facebook and other internet firms like Google as tech
companies.   And recently ‘is Facebook a
tech or media business?’ Let’s take a
look. Is AirBnB in the
hotel sector?   It owns no physical
assets.   Its only ...

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Why Amazon beat traditional retailers; the significance of New Culture
Amazon’s operating culture offers
a lesson for sectors trying to transform in a digitising economy.   This post compares Amazon to the US’ retail
industry as an example. New
versus traditional culture Amazon is really
a traditional retailer (in contrast, eB...

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Dichotomy of the modern ‘telco’ Part V – customer engagement & churn and conclusions
Telcos could take a leaf off the digital industry in the way
they interact with their customers.   It
could help them reduce churn.   Telcos
mostly stop interacting after acquiring a customer while the digital industry
sees that as the starting point.   Thi...

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Dichotomy of the modern ‘telco’ Part IV – adapting to the digital economy
Telcos had long coveted a
content strategy.   The 2 nd post suggests how it might work in
an internet era.   Why this is different
from their original thoughts is discussed in the previous post while the challenges faced by telcos
are detailed in the first ...

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Dichotomy of the modern ‘telco’ Part III – cause of change
only AT&T had the right to connect electronic devices directly to its
telephone network!’ If a telco executive
was told in 1989 that their voice business has peaked , their telco infrastructure would
be replaced and the term ‘telco’ could soon be moo...

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Dichotomy of the modern ‘telco’ Part II – content strategy
The previous
article discussed changes in the industry. Telcos have long
struggled with content.   This article
makes some suggestions that play to their strength. If phone calling
were invented after the internet, how would voice calls be delivered?   Yup,...

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Dichotomy of the modern ‘telco’ - Lost in Translation
Telco =
telecommunications company Tel = telecommunications
= telephone = voice   Telco = voice
company Telcos were
built on voice but with voice only a fraction of their revenue today, the term
‘telco’ is now a misnomer.   Grasps this
and you’ll understand...

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Datarisation and its transformative impact on industries
Banks and other established sectors are
nervous of the transformative effect of the digital sector.   They should.   An interesting phenomenon explains the underlying cause, showing at a
macro level its effects. When an article,
be it video, voice, code or ...

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Company Websites 2.0; it’s all about business 3/3
here for Part 1 ..websites of business are underused And
here for Part 2 ...suggestions to make it business oriented User experience Larger tech
firms dedicate a team to continuously improve user experience of their sites,
with good reason. “One tenth...
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