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|| cardiac cath + first half of summer ||
....I don't know why, but I had a lot of trouble finding the time and motivation to formally write/summarize our trip up to Edmonton for Evanna's cath that happened back in the middle of  June and just little surprised its taken me almost a month to get it ...

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|| due with number 2 ||
Nick and I are excited to officially announce that come this December, we are expecting baby #2 and we're just completely over the moon with this news! A few months ago, I wrote how "April is off to a fantastic start" (you can read that blogpost here ), and...

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|| sweet Avelyn + respiratory update ||
---------------------------------------- Before I get into our update on Evanna, I want to take a moment and talk about my dear friend Somer, her husband Sean and their daughter Avelyn (if you follow our family's Facebook page , then you'll know who I'm ref...

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|| the countdown to cath day ||
Evanna playing with her oxygen tubing We're officially in countdown mode as we edge closer and closer to Evanna's upcoming cath, which means we're keeping her on isolation precautions and tying up loose ends (hospital transfer details, booking time off work...

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|| strawberry shortcake + SPRINTING! ||
Man oh man, I was doing so good in April! I got a number of posts up
and was on top of my updates… but for some reason I’ve been having a hard time
over the past few weeks trying to find the motivation (and time) to sit down
and get stuff written up (even m...

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Evanna is [T H R E E]
I’m generally good at keeping my emotions in check and remain level
headed.... but then something will trigger and I become this big blubbering mess
unable to stop the tears from flowing. Sometimes it tears of happiness… but
other times it tears of sadness ...

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|| on c l o u d n i n e + Easter ||
April is off to a fantastic start – and I really hope this is the beginning
of a positive trend! I'm over the whole “when it rains – it pours” bit that we’ve been
enduring for quite some time, and so I'm really looking forward to how the rest of this year w...

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|| Evanna's new ride + an early anniversary ||
"Trachieosaurus" shirt from StomaStoma  // Hair bows c/o   AB Bows Handmade On the surface things have been
relatively calm and even “serene”, but it has remained quite busy and somewhat
“go-go-go” behind the scenes. Most of it involves getting some things ...

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Evanna's Dress - Feltman Brothers  // Evanna's Shoes - Sweet N Swag When I was a little girl, Easter usually
correlated with getting a new dress for church, a big family dinner on Easter
Sunday, and of course – tons and tons of chocolate. That time of year ...

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Evanna's Special Heart
In the past I've tried my best to explain Evanna's "special heart", and why it's so incredibly rare, severe, and complex. This video created by Stanford (the hospital we're currently trying to take Evanna too) does an absolutely fantastic job at showing Eva...
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