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Listed on ebay March/April 2015. Description:

Artist:  Listed Danish artist Axel Aabrink - signed and titled 'Moesgaard.' Note another painting of this scene from a wider angle. 

Oil on canvas. 

Size: Without frame: 17,5 x 25,5  inch. (45 x 65 cm). With frame: 22 x 30,5 inch. (56 x 77 cm).

Age: The work is from 1920-30

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Interview with Lou Skriba!

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In deisgn, In music, as in life.

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How can you not love this....?

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Great consulting advice when asked your opinion. 

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Are we about to lose the Internet as we know it?

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Forget the RFP! Go with gut feel. Or... you could use these 5 tips to get the best outcome from your RFP process

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Beautiful thing. Great people at this company.
Geneca is proud to announce that it was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” by Lumity at their Annual Dinner for its support of the Chicago Public School’s STEM initiative. Geneca helped improve Lumity's effectiveness in its role as liaison between the CPS and the business community.

"This year we couldn’t just pick one volunteer. Lumity is thrilled to award 10 Geneca employees as Volunteers of the Year,” said Lumity Executive Director, Kara Kennedy. “Being able to experience the Geneca process has truly helped us grow up as a team and make a huge leap forward in working more effectively together. Their work has helped to set us up for major success.”

Can't get #feedly  to take my #highrise 'latest activity' feed. Any ideas?
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