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This building at 10 and 12 N. National in Fort Scott is being auctioned off this Friday, the 15th.  The reserve bid price is $7,500.00. What a shame this is that the downtown cannot support the buildings.  We have more buildings than businesses to occupy th...

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I was
led astray in high school by some of the upper classmates on the track team.
 I had grown up with the ambition to be the best I could be at whatever
the challenge was.  I don't know where that came from, but it was there.
 I, of course, was born with ...

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Team Play by class of 1958
I don't remember the exact dates or location, but it was told to me by a "somewhat reliable" source who says he remembers it well, and here is how he told it to me:  We were playing football in Chanute and we were well into the second half of play.  Neither...

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What day is it?

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Mark's Jeepster
Pete, Mark says you must be getting old, your memory isn't worth a darn.  He has a 1948 (first year of manufacture)  Wilys Overland Jeepster.................

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To blog or not to blog
Now is the time to try men's souls!  To blog or not to blog, that is the question!  I tried to publish a blog and it went all over my blog cover page and I don't know where might have gone...did any of you get it?  It was a copy and paste of the "ex...

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An explainati on Inbox x Pete Allen   <> 8:16 AM (4 hours ago) to  Albert ,  Ann ,  Anna ,  Barbara ,  Beth ,  Betty ,  Bret ,  Carol ,  Carol ,  Carolyn ,  Charles ,  Chelsa ,  Clete ,  Cynthia ,  Don ,  Fletcher ,  Fred ,  Gary ,  Glend...

An explaination

Pete Allen <>
8:16 AM (4 hours ago)

to Albert, Ann, Anna, Barbara, Beth, Betty, Bret, Carol, Carol, Carolyn, Charles, Chelsa, Clete, Cynthia, Don, Fletcher, Fred, Gary, Glenda, Harold, Helen, Howard, Hubert, Jackie, Jean 
I want to explain my Mark Andersen touchdown story....It is a work of fiction, my first attempt.  As you know, the happening was real and the results were also (Mark's selection to the All SEK team and the touchdown). I love Mark as a brother and Gary has called me "the brother he never had".  I do not want anyone to get the impression that I had anything to do with Mark's status in FSHS, as everything he did, he earned on his own, good and bad. And Mark has made the comment that "I always wanted to be just like Gary".  

Chris Andersen
8:56 AM (4 hours ago)

to me 
Those of us at the Andersen house applaud your writing ability!  We laughed so hard we were crying and I'm not too sure, but I think maybe if I had been standing up I might have had tears running down my legs.......keep up the humor and know that the Andersen's love you and your wit!

Wade Purcell
9:32 AM (3 hours ago)

to me 
Pete, no explanation necessary. Fact or fiction you spin an excellent story. As some other '58ers have suggested, I think you should seriously consider writing. Grandma Moses didn't start painting until late in life. Thanks.

We are excited about being able to blog, and I hope this will be a great way for everyone to tell and read stories of our classmates.  We had a wonderful time at the luncheon was like a buffet as everyone brought food.  
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