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Humanity in Politics
When approaching any debate, people will often judge you for
speaking about a topic ‘emotionally’, and this has always confused me. On The Big Questions last weekend, a man in favour of
nuclear weapons criticised his opponent for speaking ‘emotionally’ abou...
Humanity in Politics
Humanity in Politics

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Love in Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights was published in 1847, and since then has
been evaluated by hundreds of critics in attempts to draw meaning from a disordered
and frenzied story. When originally published, it was rejected by society because
of its unapologetic disregard f...

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The Election
Like many others, I was devastated with the result of the
general election. I can see why the Conservatives appeal to the rich, and even
the aspiring middle class. However, what astounds me is the number of working
class people who will continually vote for...

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On Law, Belle, and other things
Lord Mansfield
- ‘Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall’ Despite the cheesiness of starting with a quote, it is these words that inspired this blog post. It explains
that we cannot at any point be afraid to do justice, we cannot be afraid to do

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Social Justice As A Concept
Social justice cannot be exclusionary. Be outraged about
every tragedy, be angry about every injustice in every country, it is backward
and obstructive to be selective. When horrible events happen around the world,
there is a trend that involves people atte...

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  INTERNALISED MYSOGINY! ‘Girls are so bitchy!’ ‘I hang out with guys because they’re
less drama’ As a woman,
if you hear other women repeating statements similar to this, or you say this
yourself, it is important to consider why. Why you believe it, and wh...
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