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Imagination is the first of all pleasures
Imagination is the first of all pleasures

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Lay me down in lavender
let the earth become my bed,
this fragrant field shall
my body, shield,
softness surrounding, my fair head.
Lay me down in meadows, bright
steal an innocent’s heart away
then, when I am old, as
my stories told, I’ll look
back on this fine day.
Lay me down, my soul to rest
in your tender arms
I’ll breathe my last,
a wreathe of scented lavender
shall grace my hair,
with sweet memories of our
love, gone past.

by Marc Voynet

#bellesphotos    pour +Belles photos page animée par +Jean-Louis LAURENCE  +Claudya Bonnet +Rando TrenteQuatre +mimiesmile b

#hqspflowers   +HQSP Flowers curated by +Melania Pierce +Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk +Wayne Lu +Iva Pas +kaatje jansen 

#photography   #lavender   #poetry  

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I found this adorable wooden sculpture sitting in front of the "Theater der Nacht" in Northeim, Lower Saxony, Germany. It was one of a few,  imaginary and lovely figures, created by Heiko Brockhausen.

"Theater der Nacht" literally translated means theatre of the night. 
(Information in German and partly in English)


#bellesphotos    pour +Belles photos page animée par +Jean-Louis LAURENCE  +Claudya Bonnet +Rando TrenteQuatre +mimiesmile b 

+Photo Mania Germany kuratiert von +Sandra Deichmann & +Markus Landsmann & +dietmar rogacki & +Nico Kaiser #photomaniagermany  

+All Things Blue  #allthingsblue  

#photography   #sculpture   #art   #theatre  

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I've been travelling around a bit lately and spend much time on motorways. I took this photo out of the car window.

+EVERYDAY THINGS  #everydaythings  +luca lancieri +Barbara Manciulli +Nynke B +Boba Musura 

#photography   #cars  

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playa               Sound installation with 14 guitars by Rubén d' Hers


"The visitor enters a place of rest and contemplation . A sound, difficult to classify unfolds immediately its inevitable pull effect and hypnotic power. Out of the everyday, thrown back on oneself, the imaginary journey can start - the space of representation opens. A powerful image of a sea of guitars dissolves slowly. The focus is on the cloud of cables hanging over the instruments.

The filigrane sound of the instruments and its natural quality, makes you forget the computer-controlled DC motors almost entirely. Rubén d' Hers has put together in his installation " Playa " diverse materials in a pictorial way. The fugacity of the wind, the softness of the fabric and the personal sound of the guitars give the work its charm, filmic strength and its meditative quality. " (*)

More about Rubén d' Hers' work here:

#exhibition   #guitar  
* (Doris Gassert, Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel; Lab Binar Labor für Medienkunst, Augsburg; Prof. L John, Hs Augsburg; Horst Konientzny, Signalraum München)


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Reposting this for +oded fried-gaon 
This one, this one! - is my answer to your question, dear oded :-)

This was my very first post on G+, by the way. Sorry for my late response... 
Ahmad Jamal Spartacus Love Theme

One of my absolute favourite tunes...

I love music, I like most kinds of music but every now and then you stumble over  true gems which are simply special   ...  like this one by Ahmad Jamal .... eargasm music...

#jazz   #music   #ahmadjamal  

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°tulip°                                                                         #collaborativeart  II

A while ago I told +Steven Spence that one day I'll grab me one of his beautiful photos to play with. Very likely he will not recall my threat words, especially as I became rather economical with my comments/presence here on G+ over the last weeks...  But here it is! 
Thank you very much for the opportunity to play around with your photo, Steven!

Steven's original photo I used:

Background/layers are my own, which I took from one of my paintings.

+Steven Spence generously offers a whole collection of his own photos for others to edit:

#photomanipulation   #flowers   #tulip  

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°between you, me and the lamppost°                      #collaborativeart   I 

Finally I had some time last week to finish my contribution for +Meirav M. , who kindly invited to a photography riff on one of her photos. Thank you, Meirav! 
I made a 'fluffy something' of it and enjoyed the editing.

The original photo you can find and download here:

To quote   +Meirav M. :
"And anyone else, if you're reading this and thinking you'd like to but I haven't mentioned you, please please please go ahead! Like I said, just tag me when you share the results, and add a link to this post so people can see the original"

Also thanks to +Steven Spence   for directing me to Meirav's post.


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Everyday Life and Fatal Hazard in Sixteenth Century England

Great and fun read - things you probably never heard about...

via +Marc Schnau 

#history   #England  

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This is so beautiful,
I can't stop watching/listening to it...

Does anybody know this waltz?

Thanks to +Guillaume Janssen 

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Added photos to In Richelieu, it's a big world after all! A Richelieu, le Monde paraît grand !.
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