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How to make your own pizza base from scratch (Pizza dough recipe)
Some months ago, I discovered the joy of
making a pizza from scratch – right from making the dough to make a thin crust
pizza base and then adding my favourite toppings. You have to try it to know
how incredibly satisfying it is to make a pizza base yoursel...

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Easy chicken tikka masala pizza (made with leftovers)
Yesterday, I made some
chicken tikka masala. After we finished dinner, there was a whole lot of gravy
left and not many pieces of chicken. I didn’t have the heart to throw away the
gravy because let’s face it, you spend time making a yummy dish like chicken...

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Maggi Noodles: The death of an old favourite?
For most Indians, Maggi Noodles was an integral part of life. Not a day would go by without a Maggi ad for two minute noodles playing on the TV. It was the quintessential snack for children and adults ever since it entered the Indian food market a few decad...

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Pepper Chettinad Chicken Recipe
This easy recipe for Pepper Chicken Chettinad is sure to
become a favorite chicken side dish for anyone who loves spicy food. Amazingly simple, this dish requires only
a handful of ingredients and is a no-fuss quick recipe that is guaranteed to
delight your...

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Chapter 6 of my fantasy novel is uploaded... Your dog Roxie is a character so please read and comment :)

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Onion and Cucumber Raitha (Pachadi)
An onion pachadi or raitha as it is known in some parts of India is the usual accompaniment to a biryani. Onion pachadi or cucumber pachadi has a sour, salty flavor that combines well with the spicy masala of a chicken or vegetable biryani . Onion raitha (p...

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Vegetable biryani recipe
Vegetable biryani is one of the most
versatile dishes around. Not only is it easy to make but it tastes wonderful
and the blend of colourful veggies in the dish make it a feast for your eyes. Talk
about falling in love with what you eat. If you are a visual...

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Turmeric Tea Recipe
Turmeric tea is a quick and easy way to get the health benefits of turmeric (curcuma longa) into your system.  This spice which is frequently used in Asian cuisine has so much goodness packed into it that it makes a lot of sense to add it into your daily di...

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The Silver Lining
There are times in life when everything looks bleak but we can be encouraged knowing that the bad times do not last forever and there will be a silver lining or a rainbow for every dark cloud. Change is inevitable but one must carry on. Sometimes you cannot...
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