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I'm Spellman.

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Watch and share this video.

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Lit Motors' C-1, a fully-electric, fully-enclosed, self-balancing motorcycle.
It's a two-passenger electric motorbike that uses an electronically-controlled gyroscopic stabilizing system to stay upright when stopped, or even when struck from the side in an accident.The vehicle will incorporate electric hub motors in both wheels. The top speed should be at least 120 mph (193 km/h) , with driving range for the higher-end model expected to sit at around 150 to 220 miles (241 to 354 km) per charge.Industrial/automotive designer Daniel Kim.
C-1 fully-enclosed self-balancing motorcycle

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Interesting news for the Geeks...

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Very cool feature for Geeks!

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This is an important PSA if you use YouTube, Facebook, Hotmail, etc.

(plz watch to the end)

Tomorrow may be the day G+ sees it's highest usage!

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Um... so yeah. Took a code snippet from Microsofts website for C#. It looked kinda... off to me. Dropped it in Microsoft Visual C# Express... and yeah... guess I was right... it's all sorts of bad. WTF! Either I'm missing something or Microsoft is.
If anyone is interested, it's the first example.

Oh no, I only have 150 G+ invites left! What will I do with them all!!! lol.
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