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My little daughter loves Die Mannequin. Hearing her sing along to the song on the radio is pretty fun.
(Wrong thumbnail included but it's not changeable.) NSFW due to language. Good video, though.
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I shared from the site and they were not there. I did look. Thanks for the tip, though.
sob I don't get jealous of lottery winners but I do get a wee bit jealous of people who find things like THIS at garage sales.
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me too Catharine.
I left this comment one someone's blog, but I also wanted to share it, so please excuse me if you happen to have read this elsewhere already:

I just overwintered some carrots purely by accident. I have a large raised bed in my back yard. Last fall, I was too lazy to dig up some teeny-tiny carrots that were in there, thinking they'd just turn to compost during the winter and it wasn't worth the bother of taking them out.

Yesterday I went outside to begin to prepare that bed for some early spring plantings and I found those carrots had grown and were, in fact, ready for harvest. What a delight! A couple of them had rotted, but I got about twelve nice carrots. Remember, they were so tiny in the fall that there weren't worth pulling up.

So we had our first garden vegetables of the spring, on March break, in Canada, zone 5a. It is not time to plant carrots yet, so if I hadn't overwintered these (by accident) then I'd not have any fresh ones for months! Yes, they are sweeter than normal. Also, they needed to be peeled: the outer part was just a bit tough. But so worth it. I'll be doing this on purpose now!
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Ontario residents: any idea how to help this woman receive the necessary upgrades to her home so that she can leave it under her own power while she still can? If you have any serious ideas, please contact the Barrie Examiner.
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Don't know; maybe look to see if charities are here on G+.
You're welcome.
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Is it gettin' hot in here or is it just me.....
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right after you posted this and i read this~ i mean the next day, my girlfriend was trying to sell me on pest repellent herbs. and not a week after that, my friend in Jackson County was rattling off everything he had planted this spring and what he had in the ground. Most of the usually, potatoes and lettuce, radishes, etc for this time of year. Then he started telling me how he was going to start using herbs and certain flowers, how they repelled pests and deer in his garden. The didn't want to use insecticide. LOL. I could NOT remember where i read it, although I thought I saw it on PININTEREST following you possibly.

I have enough mint to repel all the flies on this ridge you would think. I just cut a bunch last night to hang out to dry. It was either that or mow it. Its in the yard now. I am trying to transplant it around different spots in places I don't want to mow!
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Whatever's required of me at the store. At home, chief cook and bottlewasher, remedial teacher, laundress, dog's tennis ball finder.
aka sohcahtoa
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Agnostic taoist protestant. Urban farmer, sometime artist, math fan. I have four kids and a German Shepherd. IOW, it's chaos around here. I post photos of my surroundings and my cooking adventures.
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