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Chrome: Surrounding yourself as much as possible with a new language you want to learn is one of the keys to learning a new language quickly and fully.
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Coy Torreblanca

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So you can go without stopping....
A new and unusual land speed record has been set in Australia - for the fastest motorised toilet.
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Coy Torreblanca

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This is a White Crested (Long tailed) Hornbill. We have a definite love/hate relationship. Her keepers think she is getting more used to me because rather than swooping at me, she now lets me get very close. Too close. (I am on to her though...while she thinks she is lulling me into a false sense of security by letting me get closer and closer to her so she can one day peck my eyes out, I am debating whether she will taste better with a stuffing of wild mushrooms, leeks, bacon and pistachios or wild rice, brandied cherries and fried sage leaves. And yes, I whisper these and countless other possibilities to her while we are shooting.
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Coy Torreblanca

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Check this out!
48 | BRAIN • GAMES • ( :
One of Right | ◙
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Coy Torreblanca

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Mexican apple juice, or as Americans like to call it, tequila.
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Coy Torreblanca

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"Maelstrom" , North Shore Kauai, Hawaii near the Kilauea Lighthouse

This was my first upload to G+ on July 1st. I think that 6 people here knew about me back then, so here is a repost!
(Expand post for the gory details, and click to see the big version!)


Canon 5D

Canon 17-40L @ 27
0.6-second exposure @F14
LEE soft ND grad (100x150mm) 0.9 + 0.6
Lee foundation kit filter holder with Lee 77mm adapter ring
ISO 50
No polarizer
RAW file processed with Capture One by Phase One
TIFF file processed with Photoshop
Small Slik Sprint mini II tripod
Manfrotto 322RC2 pistol-grip ball head

The Story (this area is called the Mokolea Lava Pools)

What you are looking at here was almost my last few moments of my life. I had heard that there was a blowhole on the north shore of Kauai. Most people that visit the island have seen the Sprouting Horn blowhole on the south side near Poipu. But this one is more violent and little known.

On the top left of the frame is a 20 foot wave crashing over a 20 foot tall lava shelf. The water that you see going down the blowhole is from a previous wave combined with water from when the blowhole previously erupted.

The best time to see this spectacle is at sunrise at high tide during the winter storm season which starts in November and ends in April. To get here, Head to the Kilauea lighthouse. About 1 mile before the lighthouse, there is a road angling at a 45° angle on the right side of the road. I forget the name of the road. Drive down that road for 1/2 mile and park on the side in the gravel. If it is dry you can drive almost all the way down if you have a 4 Wheel Dr. vehicle. But if it is wet it is even difficult to walk on this slippery road. Do not attempt to drive all the way if it is wet!

To get this shot:

1. Get up 2 hours before sunrise.... on your vacation.
2. Put on your old shoes and shorts that are destined to become stained with red mud.
3. Drive to the trail head (Right turn before the Kilauea Lighthouse.)
4. Make sure there are decent clouds before committing to the hike down.
5. Get out your flashlight. I have a wind-up one so no worry about batteries.
6. Navigate the extremely slippery trail, in the dark, often on all-fours, for 1/2 mile
7. Ignore the strange noises in the dense steamy jungle... if you can.
8. Watch the surf for at least 20 minutes to determine a safe place to be.
9. Hand-hold the camera to get the settings right before heading into the water.
10. Set up the tripod and composition just before the next wave hits.
11. Make the exposure and run!
12. As you run, make sure to avoid spilling too much blood extracted by the sharp lava rock!

Other stuff

My pictures are featured on the front page of California Governor, Jerry Brown's website


I wrote a 325 eBook that describes exactly how I went about learning photography starting in 2006. I did not learn the usual way. I have studied the great masters of painting and hope to find that light in the real world.

A great weather mashup map of the world with local temperatures, weather and nice popups. See where it is hot and not! (Must wait for slow commercials first, but worth it!)
Google Earth

Simply the best way to scout out locations that there is. You can see sun angles and pre-visualize light under lots of different conditions. Sometimes you can actually pre-compose your shots! This has saved me many thousands of vertical feet of climbing by avoiding spots with blocked views etc.

Satellite imagery (choose 'National' for a local US region or use your fave website)

Tide charting and preditions: (chose your area in US, other countries have similar websites)

Wave Heights (I choose 'North Pacific from Global')

Or Here:

Photos of every inch of the California coastline from a small plane. Excellent for close in detailed views.

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Coy Torreblanca

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internet explorer the most used browser?
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Coy Torreblanca

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One step closer to a greener environment!!!
A new type of wind turbine that can collect 1000 liters of water a day (per turbine) from the air.
#greenenergy #climatechange
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Coy Torreblanca

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Man who pushes piano down mine shaft get tone of A flat miner. ~Confucius

A few of you said you weren't bored of me posting shots of Venice, so now you all have to suffer another one :-D

The last few days have been a kind of a rough ride, work wise, and it will all start again as from Wednesday, which means not much time online :-(
I'll do my best to catch up with your stream and leave a few words for you :-)
So for the time being I offer you a relaxing shot, which I hope will bring some light to your day, not as effective as chocolate cake though ;-)

Have a great week :-)
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Coy Torreblanca

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#truthbomb for #sacredsunday
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Coy Torreblanca

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love this
Cribbed this from George Takei. Had to post it here. #gameofthrones #politics
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Coy Torreblanca

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Using legos it is predicted that the next eclipse will be april 8, 2024
The Antikythera Mechanism: is the oldest known scientific computer, built in Greece at around 100 BCE. Lost for 2000 years, it was recovered from a shipwreck in 1901. But not until a century later was its purpose understood: an astronomical clock that determines the positions of celestial bodies with extraordinary precision. 

In 2010, we built a fully-functional replica out of Lego.

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Working through highschool. I travel the Americas, mostly Mexico. I have a love for math and science.
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