Considering Costs of a New Business Phone System
Investment or Expense?
Phone systems are likely the most significant piece of equipment that any business will need to invest in if it wants to be successful. A really good business phone system will likely cost a business at least a couple of thousands of dollars. For this price, a business should ensure that it knows exactly what to get and what it is getting in its business phone systems.

The first thing to consider is what kinds of features the business wants. There are numerous features available for every business phone system, so you have to know what the differences between the features are. For example, basic features for the phone systems should be purchased because they address the basic needs of a business to be able to function properly. These are features such as conferencing features, auto attendant, call hold, voicemail, redial, speed dial, paging, automated directory, back up power and even music on hold.

Now, the following advanced features will obviously be a greater cost, meaning you have to evaluate whether you need/want them or not. Examples of advanced features are computer telephone integration (CTI), remote location and find me/follow me options.

A business has to also determine where it wants its phones positioned in the office environment. In any such environment, there are usually only limited places in which to position these business phones. Examples are in every office, by the receptionist, near the fax machine(s), on the warehouse or shop floor, public areas such as halls and waiting rooms, the conference room and even by data ports and credit card terminals. Once this question is answered, other factors like how much to spend also begin to get clearer.

Determining how much to pay is probably the most crucial factor in this process. Usually, the overall cost will include factors related to the actual system itself, any handsets, the wiring and the final installation of the business phone systems. The installation is going to be the most time-devouring aspect of this project. Since the phone systems fail to work just out of the box, they will have to be configured and installed to the individual specifications of each business. To make certain that a phone system is configured and installed as efficiently as possible, businesses ought to ensure that the contract they have with their phone dealer includes configuration and installation by a qualified technician.

A business has to guard itself against overly aggressive phone salesmen. That is why there should be a clear understanding by the business of what it needs and what it is going to cost when any considerations about a new phone system are being put into action. Otherwise, a business may well not get what it needs or wants.
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