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Lisa Emrich
Musician, Patient Advocate, MS Blogger, Freelance Writer
Musician, Patient Advocate, MS Blogger, Freelance Writer

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Intimacy and Relationships
Intimacy isn’t something that is confined to physical affection or sexuality. Intimacy is about so much more! Intimacy is a process; ever changing and evolving. Four commonly accepted forms of intimacy include cognitive or intellectual intimacy, experientia...

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Respiratory Dysfunction in Advanced Multiple Sclerosis
What respiratory problems are common in advanced MS? A common symptom of MS is muscle weakness which may affect the muscles that control breathing. Muscle weakness can make breathing difficult and shallow breathing may contribute to pneumonia. Muscle weakne...

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Celebrity Actress Reveals MS
When former Soprano’s star, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, publicly revealed her 15-year MS diagnosis in this week’s People Magazine and on Good Morning America, the news spread through the MS community like wildfire. Reactions were quite positive but many people wonde...

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Is There An MS Diet?
How might diet have an effect on MS? What you eat may have a direct effect on the immune system. The National MS Society shares that “recent immunological research has shown that metabolism plays an important role in the function of several types of immune ...

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In a social campaign that spans the globe, people with MS and their friends and loved ones are joining forces to “Kiss Goodbye to MS.” Originally begun by MS Research Australia - an organization dedicated to accelerating MS research toward the prevention, b...

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MS Lesions With Central Veins Lead to Faster Diagnosis
Researchers in Nottingham, UK, have been trying to find a quicker and more accurate way of identifying MS in patients with an unclear diagnosis. To do this they have focused on T2-weighted MRI scans that can show both hyperintense MS lesions and their centr...

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Ways To Connect With The MS Community
3. MS research One of the first things my neurologist recommended after diagnosis was for me to sign-up for an MS patient registry that conducts longitudinal research through simple surveys. Two of the most prominent patient-based research initiatives in th...

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Ocrevus Receives Breakthrough Therapy Designation
Genentech and Roche announced that the Food and Drug Administration has granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation for the investigational medicine ocrelizumab (Ocrevus™) for the treatment of people with PPMS. Breakthrough Therapy Designation is designed to e...

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From Sensory Symptoms to Motor Symptoms: The Most Common Symptoms of MS
Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system (CNS) with symptoms that can affect almost anything from head to toes. The disease is so variable that no two people with MS are likely to have exactly the same combination of symptoms. As MS sym...

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Cell-based Therapy and Multiple Sclerosis
Stem cell therapy itself is not entirely new, but use in MS is still experimental and no therapies have been approved in the United States. There are important ongoing clinical trials in the US and a number of patients have traveled abroad to receive treatm...
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