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Sailing into Trouble
I have written a new book. Yes, I know you might not find that astounding.  A writer writing a book. But this one is different.  I went sailing and it was  AMAZING! So I wrote about it. and called it 'Is the Davit Supposed to Fall Off?'. The only sailing I ...

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Stick to It
I have a confession to make and an apology. Some months ago, Kidecals sent me a few samples of their
stickers to try. So I tried them. Said I would review them. Then promptly forgot
about them. Then the other day, I threw away my dilapidated, torn and

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Ye Olde Worlde Computer
I am writing this on a modern and streamlined Windows
Surface Pro. The keyboard snaps on with such a satisfying click that the ad for
this product includes happy users snapping the keyboard on as background
percussion. It can format a full length novel with...

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One Surprising Benefit of House Sitting
My favorite shampoo reminds me of tropical breezes and eating
coconuts on the beach in Samoa or sipping juice in Malaysia. It is cruelty
free, grey water safe, and comes in a recycled bottle that costs the same as
most budget brands. It not only makes my ha...

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Phil and me and clouds closing in. The dark clouds closed in and rain fell in great sheets
making it impossible to see any of the islands around us. It thundered onto the too small roof of the local boat we had sailed out on. It was made of bamboo that seem...

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One of the smartest animals on the planet, this octupus learned to unscrew a lid from the inside. Pshhh... humans... 
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Security guards with guns, and people asleep on the road. Our Philippines trip was exciting. This is my third blog about it. 

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Security guards, guns, and human road blocks.
Our Donsol Resort Hotel The hotel guard had a shotgun and dark pants tucked into
his socks. He looked serious but it didn’t seem like a dangerous place. It was hard to tell since
we had arrived at almost 2am in the morning. Driving to Donsol in the

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Philippines - Manila to Donsol
There was a goat on the road, and people sleeping in our
lane. There were cross-country buses going eighty miles an hour on the wrong
side of the road and motorbikes with side cars going ten miles an hour in the
middle of the street. My husband and I were d...

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Philippines Day Two – Looking for the “Bideo” Store
The road we walked down was narrow, dark, and dirty and most
of the paving was broken or missing. We limped along as best we could, trying
to avoid the traffic by using what path there was and walking single file. Passing
under a crumbling archway, the sten...
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