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Miracle Jesus

But yet I see a great divide a chasm deep and wide

Its mouth is wide and its jaws are death to all I've ever known

but from the jaws I see a hope a risen light to reign

And in that day I rest in peace as darkness will abide

In darkness there is a light so bright it cant be seen

It reveals the darkness and opens the life of fullness yet unseen

Could I run it would have been away but in mystique I have been drawn

Like a trance of love I fail to see the pitfalls of the dark

as the darkness now that filled a void lays dorment in the light.

We ask can darkness hold such a beauty yet unseen

fail in darkness enter the light

Broken by the dark we've seen

Oh light Oh light the only way to propel me from the dark

our future our hope our all in all light dances with the light

revealing joy in full complete I cant contain this light

No longer is my path a light I see its who I have become

I danced in the dark and fell in despair only to find the light

Embrace the darkness and the lure of control

as in the failing we will rise

Rise you will to a place of light as you reach from total despair

I had a knowledge of the light but it caused my darkness to have reigned

lost hope in you I did abide and found the light of life

I am the light and light is me

It ignites me with true joy

to see who I am and what I've become is eternal life, its me

So fear not the darkness in it there is light

It will find its way to you

But it takes my control and all I have known and humbles me and you

Oh light oh light I love your way

It illuminates all I am

I see who I am and what we became and communal peace is me.

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So like all good Christians we ask ourselves. What is Gods plan for my life? and we even use verses like

[Jer 29:11-13 NIV] 11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Hate to be a dream breaker but remember anything we have understanding of in our brain was just limited to our control. This passage and ones like it have been a prison to bolt us to an unforeseen plan that always is just out of our grasp. Its religion at its height and feeds into the control core of a person.

So if thats the case what does this verse and similar mean? Im here to say today it means nothing to our understanding other than to take comfort that in a spiritual flow we are a plan and a hope and a future. I have no future but in spirit I am the future. I have no plan as I am the plan and I have no need to understand that plan.

Its about time we just started to live and do the things that flow out of us and bring us joy. I dont have a hobby and likely never will but there are things I enjoy doing and most of them revolve around just getting out and living life. Where religion has paralyzed us spirit is life and purpose and joy. It is a plan that is the future and in abandonment of control we just let spirit life envelop us and cast away all fear.

Im writing this with my rent 10 days late and I don't have any of the needed but the owner of the house trusts me that I will pay. I suspect it is the first time he has ever trusted anyone. Now many times fear would have attached itself and I would try and control in some small way. But this month I have just abandoned the plan in spirit will create at exactly the right time. OH for sure my imagination wants to run scenarios but I just be still and know that I am God.

The most terrible part of Jeremiah 29 is where it says when we search with all our heart. Wow what a bondage if read with our natural way of looking at life. Let me ask how can a man know what all his heart consists of. I was given this verse as a young boy and it has carried me through many years. Countless times I had decided all my heart was given to seeking god. Only to find my prosperity hope and future were not what I had thought. I was trapped in this verse and finally I am free.

I don't know my heart but I know the bible says who can know the heart of man its evil beyond all knowledge. All your heart simply means just live spirit. Enjoy no control enjoy each moment of everyday and realize we are perfectly where we need to be. Realize each and every one of us will have the choice to abandon financial control and the quicker we enjoy the ride the more liberated we are. The pain comes from holding on and trying to understand and control it. Fooling ourselves into thinking we have a responsibility to take care of what God has given us. Realistically the only responsibility we have is to have no responsibility but the flow of the spirit life and then responsibility becomes a corporate thing. Your needs and desires are my needs and desires and the longer we journey in spirit the more the lines of separation disappear.

We are destined to be one. Called the bride of Christ. Its the fear of the past that controls our today. So just live and enjoy today's beauty and lets be life together.
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Anti-Christ thoughts 666 etc
Just a thought I will try and keep short. In the old testament when the presence of God arrived people though they were going to die. They fell on their faces and we find passages in places like Ezekiel   "Woe is me I am a man of unclean lips" Lets be cryst...
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Pauls tentmaking was not about money
Living over the edge certainly affords
one the opportunity to look at life with a set of eyes that perhaps
would not be possible otherwise. Let's look at the natural man and the
spiritual. For man years I have lived with a complete focus on the
spiritual ma...
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True church like none any have seen
I want to write about some of the events of the last few weeks. As life changing as these weeks have been I cannot begin to understand the depth of what transpired but I can certainly type a few words to scratch or provoke an itch in all of us. As most of y...
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Is it possible to not see needs?
Yeah its long but so is life....... Someone commented that the marriage email was long and my reply was so is a lifetime of marriage. So a lifetime of needs is long and weary. Maybe there is something in here to bring life. The ability to not see our needs ...
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Marriage or partnership
Money is a great example of intimacy
with the Godhead. In our quest for our needs and pleasures to be met
we indeed limit the expression of finance. Money or its provision is
not a need it is an outflow of intimacy. To never see its demands is
a gift and to...
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Dealing with a life of rejection
I can see so clearly that sin is
essential to mankind. It is indispensable and empowering and without
it we have nothing. Without it we are worth nothing as it defines us
in more ways than perhaps we can grasp at any one point in time. A world free of sin i...
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Some thoughts on money wealth and possessions in Holy Spirit community
May 2017 Spirit life is such a
contrast to our normal life it is truly disturbing yet freeing in so
many ways. It is when we look at sin we start to understand Gods
heart in a whole new way. God invites us constantly to embrace life
to be life and to live l...
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Why so many needs, how do I get free of needing?
April 2017 In
the course of this week we were all challenged in a new way that went
deeper than anything we had seen before. It was in the area of needs
and living a life of spirit. We have always taken comfort in the fact
God will provide all our needs ...
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