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Jemma Chisholm
Set Design/ Artistic Direction
Set Design/ Artistic Direction


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Long Time No See
It has been a while since I did a blog post and a lot has happened in between. I have now finished University and I am looking for the next logical step towards my career in Theatrical Design. I am considering the following career options: Technical Backsta...

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Locomotion No.1 Construction Log (Refocus Project for Stockton Council)
TA DA! My Locomotion No.1 artwork is now displayed in the Castlegate Shopping Centre (Spencer Market Hall), Stockton On Tees.  There will be more information regarding this after a press release, once I return from London next week. To find more information...

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Refocus Stockton - The Locomotion No.1
I had the opportunity to work with Gayle Chong Kwan and Stockton Council to design a commission piece that reflects Stockton's history and its current regeneration of the high street.  Me and my university colleague, Emma Train, won the commission together ...

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NT Live: Frankenstein (Semiotically Analysed)
article will help any other Theatre student critically analyse a stage
production and I am being generous in offering my view, but this is also
reflective account of my viewing experience of the stage show. I would read
this is as an example of Semiolo...

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All That Once Was
I have finally managed to edit and put together my Filmpoem 'All That Once Was' The location I have used for the film was located in Python Gallery offices (Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough). I was allowed permission to gain access to the first floor and sec...

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Step By Step Guide of Making Your Very Own Bob!
Please see a link to a post below of photos on how to make an automation out of food, inspired by the Cabaret Museum in London. (Cabaret Mechanical Theatre) This website has very useful tips on making wooden automation's and what materials to use. Cabaret M...

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Acting & Performing
I also involve myself in acting & performance groups across the North East. I attend a local Film Making Club when I can because I am interested in film production and cinematography. I would like to thank, Laura Degnan & James Harris of Writers block North...

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Special Efffects Makeup!
Rick Baker - 'An American Werewolf in London' Rick Baker 'American Werewolf in London'  Ve Neill - Beetlejuice  Rob Bottin 'Robocop'  Rob Bottin ' John Caperter's The Thing Tom Savini  Rob Bottin 'Robocop'  Lon Chaney Sr - 'Phantom of the Opera (1925)  Ray ...

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Referencing Career Opportunities & Useful Websites
Lighting Courses &
Masters Degree Mcs Light & Lighting – The Bartlett School of Graduates
(London) Short Course Price Range £370 + ‘Scenehouse’ - Short Summer Courses ( ) The Edinbu...

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How many does it take to change a light bulb?
I have an interest in Lighting Design so I care to inform you . These notes have been collected from a handy book called 'Stage Lighting Design - A Practical Guide' by Neil Fraser.  I must buy this for the next semester. A lighting designer must be able to ...
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