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Crapy Photo Time!
I was struggling to make my usual photos even worse. This time my victims were Pulp Alley heroes, unnamed woman reporter/detective and pistol armed catholic priest. Also some random bits, for generic plot points.

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Mansion of Dante
Test pieces. The little rooms the size of small Mansion of Madness tiles can be a little too small for wargaming terrain. Still like the results.

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Curse of the Sands AAR
There was a
sunny day in the desert, when winds that rule the dunes revealed old ruins in a
place no one expected them to be. Not long till Miskatonic University
expedition came there to investigate. And not long, till any communication with
them were lost....

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Smaller Terrain Pieces
Smaller terrain endeavors. A little monument for city terrain. I believe the miniature on top is some Zombiecide recast, but virtually any miniature will fit. Also some little furniture pieces for upconing Pulp related terrain project. I call it "Mansion of...

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Space Hulk Laser Cut Style
Some grim dark corridors. Supposed to be space hulk style terrain for gaming and roleplaying purposes.

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Dive into Pulp
Irregular hobby activities turned this time into corrupting some lovely pulp miniatures by paint. The cultist type guy is GW astropath. Now he is perhaps a high ranking cult leader, who traded his eyesight for sinister knowledge of occultism or "true" histo...

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Irregular Fun with Lasers
Felt like sharing something in here. Is someone even reading this place? 20th century "murica" style house test piece. Plan to make some to the local gaming club. Can also take some comissions on them here and there. A little tugboat I named Firefly. A work...

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New Terrain Toys
Some cargo containers I had in mind for some time already. Made them stackable, easy to assemble. I believe I saw the design somewere on the internet, but sadly cant find the source now. Good for near future, Sci-Fi and ultra-modern settings. Going to make ...

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Starship Tiles
A little project for our roleplaying camplaing ang aslo Infinity wargamers in local gaming club. An easy to accemple sci-fi floor tiles. Made a few sections already, full with corridors, different sizes of rooms, doors, emergency hatches, cross and T-sectio...

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Some Photos
Few more laser cut goodies. BFG tokens and dices (the latter not made by me). Also some photos from recent Alpha Strike game between fellow wargamers Viktor and Vasiliy. I just wish to dump them here.
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