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I woke up this morning to what may have been a sign from God, but I doubt it. I sleep with the TV on... which is another form of crazy which I'll save for another post. I'm laying there slowly coming to life when I realize that the channel has changed mysteriously to one of those religion channels. It seems to be talking about God, Jesus, lust and pornography...and MEN. Why men cheat on their wives along, both physically and mentally. They were boasting statistics and all that other crap trying to offer excuses to those poor men who can't seem to keep their dick in their shorts.

Well I had enough and went to change the channel, but my cable box had other ideas. I pressed "Channel 11 then Select" but nothing happened. The box said I had changed channels, but nothing changed on my tv. What the hell? (woops, I wonder if I should be saying that right now?) Then, I tried to play a recorded show on the box thinking I might be able outsmart the box to get it unstuck while ending my pain, but nope.. the same channel, same guy talking about his lustful noodle jerking thoughts and desires. I've been outsmarted by my cable box.

Over and over again and nothing, still listening to this poor poor man who was some kind of preacher with lustful thoughts. He even went on to blame women for being 'beautiful temptresses flaunting our sex to tempt them'

Turns out, this guy wanted me to send him 30 dollars so I, too, can learn to control the addictions in my life. At which point he spent about 30 seconds talking about addictions to alcohol, food and all those other things that keep us from living a life of fulfillment and happiness. I think I'll pass.

If you're curious... I got pissed and turned the TV OFF. I'll deal with that later, once I've had my coffee.

Goodmorning G+ happy Friday!

Goodmorning everyone!

Goodmorning G+

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میروم بالا
تا اوج
من پر از بال و پرم
راه می بینم در ظلمت
من پر از فانوسم.

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Love nicki

Hello, everyone its Friday finally right!

Goodmorning everyone its almost Friday cant wait right = ) but enjoy your day

Goodmorning everyone have a decent proactive Humpday!

Good morning G+ another interesting day ahead of us!
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