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Prevent Mold Growth and Allergens in Midtown, TX

Reducing Moisture
Mold grows in moisture, so the key to avoiding a mold problem is to control the moisture and humidity in your home. Consider a dehumidifier and use air conditioning, especially in very hot, humid climates. Ideal humidity level is 35-50%, and you should address immediately anytime levels rise above 60%. In cold weather, keep your home warm. Condensation accumulates on cold surfaces, providing an environment for mold to grow. Use insulation on walls, floors, and windows to keep them warm. Open windows and doors to improve circulation, even in cold weather, at least once a day for a few minutes. Make sure to dry any wet areas within 48 hours of exposure to moisture. Repair any leaks or water seepages anywhere you find them.

Around the House
Use exhaust fans to move moisture outside, and not to your attic, when cooking, washing dishes, showering, or cleaning. Your clothes dryer should also vent outside. Clean your vent ducts at least once every year to ensure they are free from obstruction. If they are damaged, install metal ducts. Replace carpets with rugs, if possible, because rugs can be removed and cleaned regularly. Check for leaks around sinks, ice makers, tubs, basins, and any other sources of water.  Do not let damp towels or clothes fester.

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Preventing Bathroom Water Damage in Harris County, TX

Be sure to have a mop handy when you’ve finished showering or bathing in order to dry the floor directly after. Remember that not only does this help to prevent water leakage or mold, it’s also a great way to do a quick clean of your bathroom floor between cleaning days.
If you’re leaving the house for a vacation, for any length of time, it may be a good idea to shut off your water pipes. However, this is not the case if you’re living in a cold area, in which case you should choose another form of prevention.
Stretch out your shower curtain after showering so that it dries completely. Most shower curtains and bathroom rugs are washing machine safe, clean them every week.
Clean and dust your bathroom at least once per week.

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