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Below comment was on previous post and I'll try a response. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Y ou see, gambling isn't your problem and it never will be or has been. I get thoroughly ...

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Red Rocks for me
Hello my name is Paddy and I'm a compulsive gambler. I haven't had a bet today and it's been over a year now since my last bet. Am I cured? No, I can start again tomorrow, and if I start it will be with the same disregard for all consequences that I had for...

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Easy like Sunday morning
My name is Paddy and I'm a compulsive gambler. I was going to write a post this week with reference to the Grand National and how the lack of involvement had affected me. I can't, because it didn't, I was actually unaware of the event until last Thursday wh...

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See, it can come good
Click on the below link to read a story with a shitty beginning and is hurtling towards a happy ending, compulsive gambling, sporting endeavour and most of all, hope. Niall McNamee Article in national press. For more contributions on Niall see the link on t...

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Sounds Like me
Hello, my name is Paddy, I always say I am a compulsive gambler, I
have not had a bet since my last post. I had a birthday during the week, not one that is usually
recognised as significant but as it represents about 50% of my expected
lifespan I'd say its ...

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Cheltenham time again
It's amazing how quickly one becomes oblivious to events that were once a huge part of ones life when one basically banishes all interaction with an activity such as horse racing. One is also questioning the reason for the use of a third person pronoun to o...

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Down Time
Its been a strange few days in that my general outlook has been quite poor since last Friday. During the past few months I have had inevitable periods of remorse and self recrimination, but not for sustained periods as I am learning to spot the triggers and...

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Any wonder I lost a fortune ?
Just realised that Jan 1st meant it was 8 months since I had a bet not the 9 months I claimed. A basic requirement for success for every gambler or trader is the ability to calculate profit / loss, the fact that I got lost in the count from 1 to 9 may be a ...

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New Year, New me ?
A common question around this time of year and my answer is that I hope not. I already tried to create a new me in mid 2013 so I'll continue to work on that, thank you very much. January 1st marked 9 month for me since I had a bet. 9 months is enough time f...
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