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Just finished the Power Searching with Google course. It was short but sweet. Not very taxing but I'm glad I did it. I've already used several of the new things I've learned. I'm thinking of making a kind of cheat-sheet of the most useful operators and tips to remind me of them and to share them with my daughter. 

I've been reading about student learning outcomes (in preparation for an internship that I want to apply for) and I came across the idea that you can use them to help with job applications. This is because they list the things you should be able to do on completion of the course. I looked at a couple of individual module learning outcomes and they were too specific but the student handbook has a list of broader learning outcomes for graduates which has helped me to think about what skills I have. 

I just found out that you can email the university student support and development service with your CV/job application and get feedback. That's brilliant! I'm definitely going to do that. 

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I've recently become aware of free online courses such as those offered by Udacity and Coursera. I decided to have a look into them since I have some more time on my hands at the moment and have started 'Computer science 101' with Udacity. I've nearly finished unit 1 and I'm really enjoying doing something entirely new.

The course is taught by showing short video clips that teach the different concepts and these are followed by a chance to practice writing the bits of code you've just learned about. There are also short quizzes to check that you've properly understood everything. It feels like a really effective way of learning so far. 

2:1 degree. Not bad considering it's been a tough few years. Feeling a bit sad that it's all over though. 

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Send feedback to Google!

"Please take What's Hot out of the Stream - it shouldn't be there!
Leave it in the sidebar or black menu bar."

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These images are incredible. I wish I could un-see the mouth of the common fly though!

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"Join Helen Arney, Maggie Philbin, Gia Milinovich, and a host of women from science and tech for an entertaining evening of geekery, comedy and song on Ada Lovelace Day. Celebrating the achievements of women in STEM, Ada Lovelace Day brings together people from around the world to talk about the women who inspire them."

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