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How is the Dem party like the Titanic? In every way. No Joke
So on the same day the Dems dub ex governor Beshear - a name that is well known to every American household - to reply to Trump's state of the union speech, they elect Perez to chair the DNC. And the Titanic sails on! If I didn't believe that the spontaneou...

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reading while white: Hurston and an image
I was puzzled about a passage I found in Zora Hurston’s Tell My Horse, and looked around for a gloss. The passage interested me, as it takes up the idea of the extermination of a race or ethnicity – a menace much in the air in the 30s, when Hurston visited ...

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impressions from the arizona tourist belt
 I never spy anything
instructionally pure with my little eye. My eyeball is attached to my
prejudices, my experience, the perceptive style that is the endproduct of my
personal input (to a very small degree) and my circumstances (both conscious
and unconsc...

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appearance and reality, father and child
Once upon a time – or more precisely, from millenia deep
B.C. up to around 1950 – philosophers all made their bones by worrying about
appearance and reality. The dynamic duo seem to have lost their charisma for
analytic, post-analytic, and post Heideggerian...

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Hurston and Pasolini - same struggle?
Michele Wallace, in an impassioned essay on Zora Neale
Hurston published in the 80s, and republished in her collection, Invisibility
Blues, has a good time mocking Harold Bloom for setting aside Hurston’s
politics and discussing her in terms of a wholly whi...

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Black history month reading: Zora Neale Hurston
For Black History month, I decided it was time to read a lot of Zora Neale Hurston. Good choice! I'm reading her non-fiction - especially Tell My Horse and Mules and Men - before reading Their Eyes were Watching God. Although it may seem an odd comparison, ...

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decay of catholic conservatism
Fillonistes have fallen into sentimental rhythms about their fallen hero. In Causeur, for instance, there’s an article about the "lynching" of Fillon.This follows the tone of aggrieved persecution found elsewhere. It was written by a Catholic conservative, ...

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the vocabulary that is busy being born a little political philology
the Democratic party in the 20th century put a premium on coalition politics,
the party's response to American urbanization . Half of all Americans
still worked in agriculture in 1900. This changed, at variable speeds by region,
until by 1950 ...

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a sententious post
“Which life should one live – the life one likes. I like writing. I like change. I like to toss my mind up and see where it goes.” – Virginia Woolf, diary entry, 1934 Most of us – me for one – toss our minds up very rarely. What we like at 18, we bear on ou...

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Thoughts on post-colonialism: the Night of Ideas in LA
The Night of Ideas event here was a big success, and applause for all those who made it so – the people at the French Consulate here in L.A. One of the panels I attended was about colonialism, post-colonialism, and identity, a discussion with Achille Mbembe...
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