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Lola J. Lee Beno
Knitting, spinning, and a bit of ColdFusion
Knitting, spinning, and a bit of ColdFusion


Where will this community be moving to after Google+ closes?

Is Google Plus a ghost town now?
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I'm trying to figure out how to get the Sync working properly.  If I have "sync contents with Draft folder" checked off, everything within "Manuscripts" from Scrivener syncing into Draft. But if I have that unchecked and "Sync only docs in collection Dropbox Sync" ticked off, nothing gets synced over.  

If I have both checkboxes ticked off and then sync, I have Draft folder but nothing within gets synced over. What am I doing wrong?  I'd like to have contents within Characters, Places and Research available when I'm using my iPad. Can't wait for the iOS version to come out . . . 

Does anyone know of where I can get name files for Italian forenames (male and female) and surnames?  I've looked at DL Thurston's site but he doesn't have any available.

Hello?  Is this group still alive?

A friend wants to know if there are templates that can be used for creating business plans and grants. 

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My new spinning wheel - cherry, Barry's Birthday Edition. 
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