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Lola J. Lee Beno
Knitting, spinning, and a bit of ColdFusion
Knitting, spinning, and a bit of ColdFusion

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Is Google Plus a ghost town now?

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There is somebody who has been posting contents that are inappropriate for this community; there is a way to block this person if you do not wish to see these messages. go to the top right of the message, click on the icon that shows up and select "Report this post". You'll then get several options; one of these is "Block XXX". You'll then no longer see this person's posts in the community.

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I'm trying to figure out how to get the Sync working properly.  If I have "sync contents with Draft folder" checked off, everything within "Manuscripts" from Scrivener syncing into Draft. But if I have that unchecked and "Sync only docs in collection Dropbox Sync" ticked off, nothing gets synced over.  

If I have both checkboxes ticked off and then sync, I have Draft folder but nothing within gets synced over. What am I doing wrong?  I'd like to have contents within Characters, Places and Research available when I'm using my iPad. Can't wait for the iOS version to come out . . . 

Does anyone know of where I can get name files for Italian forenames (male and female) and surnames?  I've looked at DL Thurston's site but he doesn't have any available.

Hello?  Is this group still alive?

A friend wants to know if there are templates that can be used for creating business plans and grants. 

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My new spinning wheel - cherry, Barry's Birthday Edition. 

Is there a blog out there that aggregates all Scrivener posts?  I recently went to and found that it had been deleted. :-(  
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