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Dementia: Tips in Talking with a Patient

When your beloved family member develops dementia, communication could become challenging. Here are tips you can apply when you’re talking to a person with dementia:

- Be patient as it may take some time for them to reply.
- Be sensitive in choosing topics as these can trigger unpleasant behavior.
- Be observant on non-verbal messages.
- Be expressive of your love and affection.
- Be gentle in talking with them as harshness can put them off.

At Providence Care, Inc. Maryland, we provide quality dementia care for your loved one in the comfort of your home. Contact us to inquire.

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Respite Care: Helpful Ideas for Quality Rest

As a primary caregiver for a family member, your best condition is necessary so you can meet the care needs of your loved one. But this won’t be possible if stress and exhaustion have already reached you. This is why respite care is crucial for caregivers like you. To help you get quality rest, here are recommendations:

- Do something different.
- Get a body massage.
- Talk with the love of your life.
- Eat the food you’ve been craving for.
- Watch a comedy movie.

When you’re taking that much-needed break, we’ll be here to cover for you. Contact us at Providence Care, Inc. Maryland.

#homehealth #respitecare
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Well-Baby Visits: Why Is Your Baby Measured

During well-baby visits, your baby’s weight & length are measured to monitor their growth curve if they follow the normal growth chart. This compares the growth of babies their age. Do you have well-baby visits that need home attention? Contact our Virginia office.

#babyhealth #ProvidenceCareInc
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5 Tips: How to Recover Quick from Surgery Wounds

After your surgery, when your doctor finally advises you to go home and recover completely, here are tips you can apply:

- Always comply with doctor’s instruction, especially with anti-pain medication.
- Report to your healthcare provider when unbearable pain occurs.
- Always take time to rest.
- Settle on a comfortable position when on the bed.
- Listen to calming music to relax your mind.

Does your wound need special management and monitoring from skilled nurses? Our team at Providence Care, Inc. in Maryland can assist you at home. Feel free to keep in touch.

#healthcare #woundcare #tips
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A Thought to Ponder: How Important Is Rest for Family Caregivers?

#ProvidenceCareInc #Caregiving
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5 Problems That May Occur When Senior Citizens Are Home Alone

Health experts would always recommend that senior citizens are accompanied at home. Their current physical condition disables them from having a balanced and healthy life. If they are not properly attended, unfortunate events may occur. Some grim examples include:

1. Food poisoning and malnutrition.

2. Drug overdose or medication non-compliance.

3. Slip and fall accidents.

4. Electrical complications (which may lead to indoor fires and electrocution).

5. Kitchen mishaps; for example, knife cuts and burns.

Having someone reliable and capable can keep all these things from happening to your beloved elders. Hire caregivers from Providence Care, Inc.

#Caregiving #HomeCare #SeniorCare
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Let Us Help You Make Everyday Living Much Better!

Is attending to your daily chores becoming more challenging? Do not force yourself too far! Providence Care, Inc., is always here to give you a helping hand. From hygiene care to medication reminders, our trained personnel will always be there for you!

#SeniorCare #HomeHealthCare
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How Can I Make My Dentures Last? 5 Hacks for Baby Boomers

Just got your new dentures? It is worth knowing that these dental accessories are not as strong as the actual teeth. This means that extra effort must be exerted by the wearers. So that your dentures will last until its expected lifespan, maintain the following habits:

1. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

2. Refrain from chowing down hard-to-eat foods.

3. Remove your dentures when not in use.

4. Soak them every night in your dentist’s recommended solution.

5. Always clean your entire oral cavity before putting on dentures.

Subscribe to our page for more health tips for seniors! #ProvidenceCareInc #OralCareForSeniors
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3 Simple Wound Care Tips for Patients with Diabetes

Diabetes can slow down wound healing. Also, it can make the wound more susceptible to infection. This is true regardless of how big or small the wound is. Below is a list of wound care tips for patients with diabetes:

1. Clean the wound carefully. Use warm water and mild cleanser.

2. Avoid applying any anti-bacterial ointment without consulting with the doctor first.

3. Assess the wound regularly. If it shows any sign of infection, go to the doctor immediately.

Keep in mind that even a small scrape can become serious if you do not treat it properly.

#ProvidenceCareInc #WoundCareForPatientsWithDiabetes
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Conquering Chronic Back Pain with These 5 Easy Tips

Millions of Americans, mostly elders, complain of suffering from chronic back pain. This refers to a pain in the lower back, which persists for more than twelve weeks. Providence Care, Inc., shares a few tips on how you can conquer it:

(1) According to health professionals, obesity can worsen your back pain. So, always maintain a healthy weight.

(2) Get enough sleep.

(3) Observe good posture.

(4) Avoid eating processed products and foods high in trans-fat and refined sugar.

(5) Focus on exercises that can help build muscle strength.

Feel free to enroll in our physical therapy program.

#ProvidenceCareInc #PhysicalTherapy
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