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Harwitum Path

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INTENTION FOR THIS DATE  To be an anchor in the centre point of the largest Network of Faith in the world, for the liberation of everything we carry on our shoulders, linked through all the temples of the world in connected to this node in Jerusalem; so in ...

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Ascension of Humanity
THE ASCENSION OF HUMANITY THE END OF SEPTEMBER Over the last few months, many people have been asking me what I think will happen at the end of September, as there has been a lot of  talk about something big taking place, whether it be  positive   or  negat...

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Healing our Blood Following the signs, the Path has led me to Jerusalem  during  this special month of September, in which, according to numerology, a 7 year cycle will be completed thus indicating a time for significant possible changes.  Seven, seven year...

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From Sirius to Syria
Some Words...from the heart of Sirius to the heart of Syria. "In your light, beautiful star I once inhabited, I saw the origins of a holy people that called us to create the pillars of a new world, in sandstone prairies shining with etheric lakes of sunshin...

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CONNECTION 888 This August 8, 2015: 888, the numbers of the Calendar indicated the moment for a large group of conscious people to come together as a Network with a shared purpose: to deposit a seed of light in the Divine Matrix to reactivate the great Tree...

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PORTAL 8-8-8 Thinking towards IAM See the Assignment below Message Received on June 21, 2015, in Amantaní, Titikaka:   "Knights of the round table; of the eye seen by thousands of eyes, which are all of you. Flower of life that arises in light...will transf...

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EUROPEAN NIGHT "In the depths of the Heart" How
do you feel?   It's
possible that over the last few days many of you have begun to feel a
little strange, as if the depths of your being were beginning to move
about, announcing the emergence of something....

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TOWEI LUMBAR  "las llaves que abren el mundo" Desde 11° Dimensión... Meditando sobre la manera en que podíamos conectar la conciencia del mundo, se nos apareció la imagen de una Llave “para abrir las puertas de la conciencia”. Fue así que comenzamos a reali...

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Camino de las Towei Lumbar
El Camino de Harwitum , es un recorrido que implica moverse por las frecuencias magnéticas del planeta, buscando los centros que los antiguos han elegido para co-crear su historia, para así encontrar las pistas que construyen nuestros pasos a seguir. Recono...

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"GIRAR LA LLAVE QUE ABRE LAS PUERTAS DEL CIELO EN LA TIERRA" El Sentido de todo un Camino Video Resumen de La Espiral y lo que Viene    Video in English: about the Hole Spiral and after "Caminante, no hay camino, se hace Camino al andar"  No hay tal vez fra...
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