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New video alert!
Recently took a trip back home to Paris .. Discover the places I visited.
Check out my new video

Hope you'll enjoy!

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This one was a tough one to edit.. What I usually try to keep to a 10mns exchange, turned into an hour long convo. +Jay Cardiello is a motivational speaker after all.

First things first, I couldn't tell you when or where I first met Jay, it's been so long. Was it in Europe? In Australia..? Humble brag I know, but we've traveled the world together and my memory is starting to play tricks on me.
One thing I know for sure is that it was about 10 years ago. I was fresh off the boat from France and he was +50 Cent's trainer.

As a trainer and health expert, Jay has been a dominant figure. Think of your favorite celebrity and he's probably worked with her/him. I will only mention +Jennifer Lopez because .. well .. I just hope she sees the tag 🍑👌🏻

As I was saying, I struggled to edit this piece. So much powerful information, I could easily do a couple more videos - and I just might.

This feature focuses on a concept I strongly believe in: You're the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.

Who are your 5? Tag your crew in the comments and give Jay a follow if you're looking for some Motivation.

#MyMotivation #motivation #inspiration #50cent #jenniferlopez

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I'm posting a lot more on +YouTube now!

Please subscribe here: so you can keep seeing my content :)
Thanks for the support

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What inspires the CEO of a multi-million dollar company?

A lot has changed since Tristan Walker and I first met. At the time, he was making waves as the hottest biz dev around, building up Foursquare as a force to be reckoned with. I remember that on a late night, casually hanging at the +G-Unit offices, we exchanged stories about how we both hustled our way in to get our jobs. I remember he used to DJ too, and I would watch him in live streams spinning and scratching to the tunes of Mobb Deep and Nas.

Now, the Queens, NY native is busier than ever,being the proud father of a baby boy and fast-rising company.

In late 2013, he launched Walker & Company, the maker of Bevel, a health and beauty solution for people of color. This year, Bevel’s products became available at Target and on Amazon, and Nas isn’t just on his turntables anymore—he’s an investor in the company.

So what keeps Walker going hard every day? He cites renowned producer/director Tyler Perry as a big inspiration.
Watch him explain in the video above.

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My post about +Humza Deas now on +Medium

Have a quick read .. Inspirational people in under 60s

#NYC #inspiration #motivation

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If you watch my vlogs you've heard me mention it briefly - I’m on a mission to showcase cool people doing cool things.
Over the years, I've seen some amazing talent that, in my opinion, deserves more recognition.

My Motivation is a new series that I hope will motivate you to do whatever it is you want to achieve. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing stories of photographers, artists, and athletes who are inspiring to me.

Now, let's get to this guy…
+Humza Deas

An urban legend … a young and brilliant artist … an inspiring yet misunderstood photographer ..
I first met him via one of his partners in crime, Alex (@rebelrolling), during a late night expedition that took us from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn. I got home around 5 or 6 am with tons of amazing pics, filled with inspiration that would keep me going for a good 2 years.
As I got to know Humza more over time, I realized it's that very same feeling that he transmits to anyone that dare to tag along on a photo mission with him.

Check out this first installment of My Motivation and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Went to Philly for a day enjoy the Silverback Open 2016

Wild event! Check out how it went down

+BBOYWORLD x +SilverbackGorillaFilms Bboy 

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Went to celebrate the release of issue 10 of the hottest street photography mag here in NYC, +Street Dreams

Watch how it went down 🎈

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Partying with the hottest street photography mag in NYC, +Street Dreams.

Watch how it goes! 

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Went to party it up with +Street Dreams for the release of issue 10 in NYC.
Check out how it went down!

#NYC #photography #vlog #streetdreamsmag #photographers
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