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Insys Therapeutics, manufacturer of the synthetic opioid medication fentanyl, made headlines recently when it donated half a million dollars to the anti-cannabis legalization effort in Arizona. Fentanyl is a potent and highly addictive painkiller helping fuel the country’s opioid epidemic and skyrocketing overdose rates.

There is evidence that plant cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) may be useful for treating opioid dependence. So it seems clear why a pharmaceutical company specializing in the sale of a synthetic opioid would oppose cannabis legalization., @BagnellCBDSolutions,
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Surrogate Father is a new youtube page that was created to inspire and empower young people.

Check it out:
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Gut Flora Program by Standard Process has transform individuals lives by rebalancing GI systems to help process the food needed to run the body.  Check out our facebook page to learn more about our office and how we can get you started on this 6 week Gut Flora Program.
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Brain injuries such as concussions and dysfunctions like memory loss, forgetfulness, and brain fog can benefit from nutritional support.

Chiropractors have always been on the cutting edge of whole body health that includes the brain as well. Over the past 20 years, Chiropractic Neurology has jumped into the mainstream helping superstars, like Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins-Hockey), recover from a severe concussion injury. Many people today are able to regain their lives with newly developed brain exercises in conjunction with chiropractic care and nutrition. 

Our recommendations are:

Neuroplex combines synergistic ingredients to support the nervous and endocrine systems.
• Supports the nervous system
• Supports cognitive functioning
• Contains a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and complementary tissues to support endocrine organ function*

OPC Synergy provides a synergistic blend that exhibits antioxidant activity and supports cell functioning.
• Provides antioxidant activity
• Supports and maintains normal cell function
• Helps maintain normal cognitive function
• Traditionally used in support of eye health
• Supports the complex processes associated with aging
• Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
• Maintains capillary integrity*

Tuna Omega-3 Oil delivers essential omega-3 fatty acids.
• Natural profile of tuna oil—not concentrated
• Supports normal lipid profiles within normal range
• Supports the body's natural inflammatory response function as it relates to periodic challenges like consumption of high-fat meal or strenuous activity
• Third-party tested for environmental contaminants
• Supports cognition
• Supports skin and hair health
• Supports emotional balance
• DHA is important for proper fetal eye and brain development.
• Supportive but not conclusive research has shown that EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.*

If you are looking for quicker improvements then our recommendations are:

Ginkgo Forte - The compounds in Ginkgo Forte work together to:
• support memory and cognition
• promote alertness and mental clarity
• help support healthy mental function
• support good health in older adults
• support and maintain healthy tissue fluid levels, including in the legs
• support a healthy cardiovascular system
• support and encourage healthy blood
• provide antioxidant activity to help protect nerve cells and other tissues
• support normal hearing
• support eye health
• beneficially modulate cortisol during periods of stress
• reduce the congestive symptoms of premenstrual syndrome*

Bacopa Complex - This formulation and the many compounds within it combine to:
• enhance mental clarity and support cognitive function
• support normal memory function (mid to long-term memory)
• support physical endurance
• ease the effects of temporary and occasional environmental stress
• nourish the nervous system*

Vitanox contains a synergistic blend of herbs which provide strong antioxidant activity.. The natural substances in Vitanox:
• provide strong antioxidant activity
• support healthy circulation and vascular integrity
• maintain healthy connective tissue
• support and maintain cellular health 

White Peony (5ml day) – ease temporary feelings of tension associated with the menstrual cycle
• support healthy circulation
• encourage healthy response to environmental stresses
• stimulate the central nervous system

The cost for the whole food products are lower than the herbal formulas, however you may find these products online but, the main issues are product expiration dates and the company only sells to doctors for patient management and dosages recommendations.

Contact us to order and manage your dosage recommendations.    215-504-2711

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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This is a great time of the year to think about purifying your body with the abundance of fruit and vegetables available. Our 21 Day Purification Program has help many people not only lose weight but improve the bodies and reduce unwanted symptoms like digestive disorders, eczema, blood disorders.
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We are proud to sponsor "Bookin For Lookin Foundation" and their annual run this Sunday, April 19, 2015, at Council Rock North High school.There is a 5K and a 8 mile run. It's all for a great cause in helping support people with impaired vision or blindness.
Bookin' For Lookin'
 Bookin' For Lookin'
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If you could save someone's life without risking or affecting your own, would you? Refer someone today to Bagnell Chiropractic and Nutritional Services. Remember someone referred you. or  215-504-2711
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