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The Final Bites
Behold: the Mediterranean Sea of mozzarella. I have to admit, Naples was not what I'd expected. Julia had warned me of its grittiness multiple times through the planning stages of our journey, having visited before; yet the city's identity as the birthplace...

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Little Piggies on a Truffle Hunt
Beauties and the beast. Our first jaunt through the country shaped like a
boot was to begin with a short stay in Florence and then a weekend in the
minuscule mountaintop village of San Miniato, home to Pepenero , where Julia had
worked, and host to the (be ...

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Falling in Louvre with French Food
Flavors in image may be larger than they appear... Our train ride to Paris was a bit more cramped than we might
have liked; arriving to the city we were in need of a heaping serving of feel-good
food. As luck would have it, we spotted a Vietnamese restauran...

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Bordeauxin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well…
Naturally, we got sick of such mundane sights almost immediately. Arriving to
Bordeaux just before nightfall, we made our way across the city toward an agreed-upon rendezvous point; the metro train windows mimicked museum art as the train rolled through the...

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The Pintxo Trail
Gang's all here! The weather forecast in San Sebastian called for rain. Had it been our first visit to this picturesque, seaside foodie’s paradise, we might have been dismayed; but on our previous visit we’d walked all over the city, exploring its hills, va...

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Release the Cracklin'!
Crispier than a South Beach senior citizen. The second city on our trip was the historic town of
Segovia, where I lived for a summer almost 20 years ago. As our train rolled
into the station, nostalgia washed over me dreamily; as our cab made its way into t...

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Show Me the Markets!!!
En guarde? Madrid: Check. Though our time in the city was primarily intended as a
brief period to sleep off our jetlag, it was inevitable that we would scour the
streets for a few memorable meals and food experiences. Prior to our arrival, I
secured a list ...

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Blissful Simplicity
Sandwich, deconstructed? We arrived to Madrid just as the sun was beginning to set, which is the absolute perfect time to arrive to any place after a long journey, as far as I'm concerned. It gives you the full sense that your travel is done for the day, bu...

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Don't call it a comeback...
The often lengthy intervals between entries in this blog have forced me to refer to it as "a collection of essays," so as not to leave anyone hanging for months on end, expecting an 'update.' True to form, this entry is the first in nearly a year, finally t...

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My love affair with the Spanish omelette...
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